How To Open A Frozen Car Door – The Guide

Car doors freeze shut during the cold winter nights. It becomes difficult to open the door and get inside the car as it locks itself. This generally happens when the water seeps between door and car body. The areas where the temperature is subzero or even less are prone to such dilemmas. You might wonder how to open a frozen car door.

So why not find the answer to this question?

Wondering How To Open A Frozen Car Door? Here Is The Answer

During the sunny days, the sun takes care of ice and let one open the doors easily. But cold and freezing winter nights freeze shut the car door. The thin layers of ice make the matter more intricate during extreme cold weather situations.

It can be an emergency or one might need to go somewhere. Not even the handle and lock work properly during those particular freezing nights.

And one certainly does not want to damage the car to enter inside. Breaking the window glass or damaging the lock mechanisms is not the way out.

So how would you open the car?

Below are the tips for entering the car during that cold weather.

Pouring Warm Water On The Seals

This might be the first idea to strike your mind when thinking of how to open a frozen car door. It is the most common of methods as well. Those thin layers of ice will start to melt when you pour lukewarm water on the rubber seals.

One should avoid using hot water to melt the ice. You might end up breaking the glass or damaging car parts. Make sure to dry the rubber seals before entering inside the car to prevent refreezing.

Everything you need to know about how to open a frozen car door
How to open a frozen car door? Explained (Photo Source: Pixabay)

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Push the Door Hard

According to the expert maintenance tips, pushing the door before opening might clear the ice. The thin layers of ice shatter easily.

You can push the car door with hands or leaning body against it. Put enough pressure on the rubber seals to remove the ice. But excessive pressure might result in dent and damage. This method would certainly help to unlock a frozen car door.

Use Ice Scraper

You can use an ice scraper to remove the ice from the car doors as well. An ice scraper would be a better choice to break thin layers of ice.

Ice scraper will also help to remove ice from rubber seals and handles. Using any solid object in place of ice scraper would help the same. But you might end up scratching the entire door and rubber seal. So handle the stuff with care.

Get De-Icer Products

De-icer products dissolve the ice from freeze shut doors. You need to spray the de-icer product on the rubber seal, handles, and lock.

These de-icer products also prevent re-freezing as it leaves a lubricant on the specific areas.

How to open a frozen car door? The comprehensive guide
How to open a frozen car door- All you need to know about is here (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Wrapping Up

That is all you need to know about opening freeze shut doors. Remember these methods when wondering how to open a frozen car door. It will surely help to unlock the car easily.