Demystifying 5 Cold Weather Car Myths

Have you heard people saying that you should warm up your car before driving in winters? Now if we rely on the technology of today, can we really say that? Well, not all of those myths that we have been following blindly are true. It might be a long-time winter rule of thumb, but not all of us took time to find out whether this was real or not. There have been so many talks about cold weather car myths, but not all of them are true.

So, here we are to identify the real things and demystify the myths that have been troubling everyone for quite a while. Let’s break into the frigid facts here:

Debunking 5 Cold Weather Car Myths Right Here

Now is the time to get out of the bubble of cold weather car myths and get into reality. Let’s explore it right here.

Myth 1- Warming Up Car Before Driving In Winter

If ever you wish for the unfortunate and premature wear and tear of your engine, follow this myth. Yes, most of us believe that warming up the car before driving in winters helps it run smoother. The reality is that if you start a cold engine, and keep it on for a few minutes at constant place, it will probably end up diluting unburned fuel with oil. And this is what will lead the engine of your vehicle to mature and wear at an early age. One of the cold weather car myths debunked!

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Myth 2- Impossible To Scrape Ice From Windshield Wipers

When ice accumulates on windshield wipers, simply keep that area as warm as possible. Set the defrost button to highest setting along with maximum fan speed. Slowly clean the ice with the help of a paper towel and mineral spirits. Replace washer fluid in the tank with methyl alcohol, which will lower down the freezing point, allowing the ice to melt away quickly. Read maintenance tips online for more!

Myth 3- Car Batteries Perish In Winters

Winters demand more current from the car batteries. The higher the cold, more difficult it is for an engine to produce the energy. It is tough to generate that huge current during winters, which may end up in a discharged battery. So, the discharged battery will eventually freeze, maybe cause internal damages. The myth that car batteries die in winters is not true. Yes, a poor connection and some minor internal damage can be expected but not battery’s death exactly. Maximum batteries die in summers due to the extreme heat outside and inside. The high heat can boil up the battery!

Myth 4- Sandbags In Trunk Enhances Grip

Add weight as forward as you can to attain that little traction. Because sandbags for weight in the trunk will obstruct the grip or traction, it is probably not a good idea to do that. Modern cars are all-wheel drive or maybe front wheel, which means there is no need to add ballast to the vehicle for grip. Of course, a hundred pounds of sandbags may sound like a good idea for running cars in winters!

Myth 5- Snow Clogs The Tank

Some claim that heavy snow clogs the tank and even halt the process of wiper squirters. Replace the check valve in this case, as the blue fluid in washer nozzle may slip back to the reservoir, in case windscreen is not cleaned. It even sucks the snow or melted ice if ignored for a longer time. This clogs the tank!

What Everyone Must Know About COLD WEATHER CAR MYTHS
Get Rid of COLD WEATHER CAR MYTHS Once and For All

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The Crux

Cold weather Car Myths are debunked! Hope you will take care of your vehicle based on reality now, and not just opinions and myths.