Learn how to Get Rid of Mildew Smell in Car

While commuting to an office to leisurely weekend drives, no one notices the fact that they travel most of the time in an odour-free car. However, when offensive odours creep in vehicle, it causes difficulty during not only travelling but also when someone tries to get inside it. This brings to the point that following certain vehicle’s maintenance tips is essential to keep the foul or moldy smell at bay.  To know how to get rid of mildew smell in car, let’s follow the systematic procedure of locating the one in car.

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4 Steps to know how to get rid of mildew smell in car

No matter how much a person sprays the deodorant or keeps effective vehicle’s freshener in the car, he cannot get rid of the offensive odor unless its source of origin is eliminated from its roots in the car.

Usually, this mildew or moldy smell generates due to the moisture or standing water in the car for a long time. That is converted into the bacteria at later stages, if not considered timely. However, if you wish to remove this smell permanently from your vehicle then, follow the steps given here, systematically:

1. Inspect and Examine the Odor Source

To locate the traces of the moisture in the car, use hands to feel moisture or mildew around the places like under the floor mats, the seats, and upholstery on the front and the back seats. Once this step is finished and there are no traces of moist, keep the vehicle in the sun with the open windows so that the car can dry out from inside. Also, sweep any loose mold if any from the upholstery.

Besides this, while the vehicle’s AC is on, it condenses to water and attracts a lot of dust, pollen, spores, and other germs, which are converted into fungi producing the mildew smell. Therefore, to get rid of it, spray the smell remover into the car’s AC that prevents the formation of bacteria, or mildew inside the AC vents.

2. Discard Moisture from the Car

Explore points how to get rid of mildew smell in car
Ways to know how to get rid of mildew smell in car. Source: Youtube

Take on rent or own a vacuum cleaner from the home improvement stores to suck-up all the moisture that may lie deep down inside the car’s fabrics. If buying or renting this machine is a costly process for you, use the anhydrous calcium chloride in place of it. Usually, as white granules, it has the property of liquefying itself by absorbing all the moisture present around it.

However, if there is too much moisture inside car, it’s better to let car windows open for a longer time. As the atmospheric heat would warm the car and evaporate the moisture if any left inside the car.

These basic steps of how to get rid of mildew smell in car, will definitely help you. So, just try them once (especially after the monsoons).

3. Aerate the Car with Fresh and Pleasant Smell

Once the moisture is completely removed, spray air freshener in the mildew spotted area of the car. However, remember not to saturate the area with the deodorant.

Besides this, make sure to shampoo the floor and mats of the car, once removing the moisture present inside it.

Tip: It is better to go for a car care professional, in the case of car washing.

Find out How to get rid of mildew smell in car
How to get rid of mildew smell in car by aerating pleasant smell. Source: Youtube

4. Prevent Foul Odor From Returning

After the foul mildew smell is gone, it’s important to keep the vehicle clean from inside. Or else, it would generate mold and mildew, bringing the problem back inside the car. Moreover, keeping carpets, rugs, and other components of vehicle always dry is essential to maintain air quality in the car.

These simple steps of how to get rid of mildew smell in car, would be beneficial and cost-effective for you. So, whenever in future you encounter such problem, try these steps out!