How to Dispose of Old Gas the Safest Way?

You need to change the oil of your car but disposing of the flushed out old gas could be a problem since it is flammable. You cannot reuse it, not until mixed with fresh fuel at a small amount, because it does not have the combustibility needed to fire up the engine. So, how to dispose of old gas without breaching any safety protocols?

How to Dispose of Old Gas from Your Car

Not changing the old fuel is not safe for your car. It could deteriorate the engine and other components. Also, you cannot keep the flushed oil stored in your garage because it will become contaminated over time. Throwing it away is also extremely harmful to the environment. How to dispose of old gas the safest way? Let’s find out:

how to dispose of old gas
Check the oil’s condition to see if you can reuse it.

Check the oil’s condition.

The old gasoline is likely to be darker than fresh oil. It may even discharge a sour smell but you can mix it up with fresh gas and reuse in the car. Old gas does not have the combustibility needed to run the engine but the diluted mixture does not do any harm to the components.

However, you have to get rid of the contaminated liquid. Don’t reuse the fuel that has rust, dirt particles, or that is discolored drastically.

Dispose of the contaminated liquid.

Oil that you cannot reuse has to be disposed of but you cannot throw it into the environment. There are supposed to be some hazardous waste dumping centers in your city or state. You have to call them and ask how to dispose of old gas. If there is no such agency nearby, contact the local fire department and ask for their advice. Sometimes, they take care of the dumping on your behalf.

You can also ask the auto repair shops if they will take it. Most will refuse but it will be wise to say ‘yes’ even if someone agrees to do it for a small fee.

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Package the old gas.

Purchase some government-certified containers specially made for holding contaminated gasoline. Carefully transfer the oil to the new cans through a gas jug or jerry can. Pour the gas slowly and don’t fill up the cans to their brim. Use gloves and protective goggles while transferring the oil. Also, do it slowly to avoid spillage or splashing. Put the cans in a bin and drive the car carefully to the disposal center.

how to dispose of old gas
Transfer the old gas to a government-certified can.

How to Dispose of Old Gas: Some Safety Tips

Follow these safety procedures to avoid an accident during the disposal process:

  • Never smoke a cigarette or light a pipe when near the gas.
  • Drive carefully and avoid speeding up because jerking and bumping can make the combustible gas to burst up in flames.
  • Do the transfer in outdoor and use a face mask because inhaling a large quantity of gas is harmful to your health.
  • If the old oil gets spilled on your skin, wash with cold water immediately. Seek medical help if the burning feeling lingers.