How to Deal with Tailgaters Without Losing Your Rag?

Tailgating is the act of getting your vehicle too close to the vehicle in front of you. This situation creates the possibility of an accident in which both parties can get severely injured. Well, not everyone tailgates on purpose. There is a passive tailgater and there is an aggressive. Let’s see how to deal with tailgaters whether it is passive or aggressive.

How to Deal with Tailgaters: Active and Passive Tailgating

When the rear vehicle is too close to your car, it makes it impossible to press the brakes because there are maximum chances of a collision. That is why tailgating is a punishable act that falls under the careless driving offence. It can charge you about $130 and three penalty points on the driving license. In a serious case, it can even lead to behind the bars.

So, you should never try to tailgate anyone. However, if there is a tailgater you deal with, this is how you should handle things.

How to handle tailgaters
Tailgating makes driving difficult on the road. Cre: Contributed


Some Things About Tailgater, First!

We must understand how to deal with tailgaters, but first it is important to understand what’s the current scenario of tailgating, and how we can skip those crashes on the roads.

Tailgating crashes rate has been increasing at a faster rate in countries like the United States. The drivers witness the tailgaters on the roads for decades. Things are have been getting worse, though. So, what is the reason? The main reason for vehicle crashes is the increasing use of smartphones. As it distracts the driver, the wrecks on the roads are bound to happen.

The first solution is to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Especially if it is dark and the streets are wet, you will have to maintain more distance from other cars.

Next, maintain a safe speed, and don’t speed up. Keep an eye on all car mirrors and make sure that you have set them correctly.

While these are prevalent factors to consider while driving, most of us fail to do so. It is, therefore, recommended to follow these steps first to ensure you are driving safely on the roads.

1. Identify the Tailgater

Before you know how to handle tailgaters, identifying their type helps. There are two types of tailgaters: passive and active or aggressive. Both are threats but the method of managing both is different. A passive tailgater drives his vehicle too close unconsciously without realizing that he is tailgating. An aggressive tailgater does it on purpose. This person can have any intention, and the most common one is he wants to pass you as fast as possible.

2. How to Handle a Passive Tailgater?

This is an easy case to handle. Since the tailgater is not aware of his act, you can simply deal with him by ensuring that you yourself are not tailgating. Make sure there is enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

In the next step, slow down a bit, and don’t do it suddenly. The best way to deal with a tailgater is not to make sudden movements; start slowing down a bit. In most cases, slowing down hints the tailgater that maybe he is too close.

Why do people tailgate
Aggressive tailgater should be passed on. Source: Freepik

If not, then after slowing down, you can push the brakes. Make sure your brake lights work so the tailgater can be prepared. Now, you would have the least risk if you are about to take a turn or stop the vehicle. Even if some kind of collision happens, you won’t be found guilty.

3. How to Handle an Aggressive Tailgater?

An aggressive tailgater has a clear intention that he wants to pass you ASAP. There is no benefit in trying to communicate with these tailgaters. They are already aggressive and they are doing it on purpose, so they are not going to listen to you. Never let your car suffer from unwanted accidents, read these Maintenance Tips and repair your car instantly.

They already know that tailgating can place them in tough situations, even then they are doing it. So you don’t have to be stressed about why do people tailgate, just let them pass. There is no advantage in holding them back or playing some kind of tricks. Just let them pass and have peace of mind while driving.

Best way to deal with a tailgater
Slow down vehicle to handle passive tailgater. Source: HotCars


Do not show any temptation of making a car behind you if it wants to pass. Let the vehicle pass if it seems aggressive. We hope now you know how to deal with tailgaters passive or aggressive.