Is It Essential To Activate The Turn Signal In The Turn Only Lane?

Being aware of driving ethics is what makes you a wise person who cares about his safety and the others. The traffic rules are different in different countries, but when it comes to turn signals the rule is universal. One needs to activate the turn signal when making a turn. The question is, “Is this true for the turn only lanes too?” Here’s what you need to know.

Activating Turn Signal On Turn Only Lane

There are lanes that are dedicated for turns only. People have a conception that if they are already in the turn lane, what is the need to turn on the signal. Isn’t it obvious that one is going to make a turn? Let’s make things clear below.

1. Abiding By What The Law Says

The traffic rules are above everything! Every responsible individual is required to activate the turn signal before making a turn, irrespective of them being in turn only lane. Yes, it is common sense that you are making a turn, but there is no harm in signaling. This is for the safety of the driver and the vehicle/s right behind them. After all, there is nothing detrimental in being a responsible citizen, or is it?

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2. Do Not Be Unpredictable

If you are into a turn lane and the person right ahead of you doesn’t turn on the turning signal, what would you think? You would think them to be fools who are unpredictable. There might be a case that you may think that they wish to change the lane as they barged into the wrong one. You may give them space, and then suddenly they turn. What a disappointment! If they need to change the lane, why did they not signal?

This is what you need to do, never set a bad taste for the ones traveling behind you. Turn the signal even when in turn only lane. Browse through the driving tips for useful tricks to consider when changing lanes.

3. A Mode Of Communication

Driving the car carelessly is the riskiest thing that you will ever do. If a small thing as the turn signals makes you a driver with the good driving ethics, it would be welcome. Activating the turning signal takes negligible time and efforts. The moment you turn on the signal, you ensure to the person behind that you are surely going to make a turn. This authentication adds safety and minimizes the risk of collisions.

4. Who Needs To Know That You Are Turning?

People have a misconception that only the ones driving behind need to know that you are making a turn. That is not true though! Be it the pedestrians or even the vehicles across the street; they have no idea of you planning to make a turn. There are turn lights on the front as well, if you may know. The turn signals are designed for a purpose, and to fulfill that purpose is your personal duty.

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Wrapping Up

The turn signal indicator is an early warning sign to the ones driving behind you so that they can maintain their distance and speed accordingly. Even when you are the last one is the lane; activate the turn signal as it will not even take a dime!