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It is Saturday morning, and you are driving down the highway with your friends for a weekend getaway when suddenly, you hear someone blowing their car horn behind you. The driver in their 20s is tailgating your car to go ahead while you are following a proper lane. In such a situation only two things would happen, you would drive your car faster and cause an accident, or the driver behind would continue blowing the horn. We will help you in your quest on how to get a tailgater to back off and drive safely on the road.

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How To Get A Tailgater To Back Off? The Process

Tailgating is a typical scenario on the roads. One person is driving the car in medium speed while the one behind is continuously blaring the horn to continue operating in speed. Nevertheless, we will help you avoid such a situation with some useful tips to make the tailgater think again.

1. Speed Up

It often happens while driving: you are driving too slowly according to the speed limit permitted on a particular road. If that is the case, then check the speed of your vehicle and increase it to the optimum level. It is the first tip for you on how to get a tailgater to back off before it is too late.

how to get a tailgater to back off
Backing off the tailgater by speeding up. Source: CMM Mobility

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2. Accelerate

We hope that you are not the one tailgating another vehicle. In case you are not following a car then accelerate to when the person behind is at a safe distance. For example, if they are at least ½ car length behind your vehicle, then accelerate to around five mph. There should be at least a car’s length distance between the two cars then. Read more driving tips to accelerate at will

3. Slowing down

In the majority of cases, when the car ahead slows down then, the one following will slow down too. You can then continue back to the same speed as it is safe to drive now. However, if the tailgater does not get what you are trying to hint then keep slowing down, even until you stop if ever needed.

When the tailgater gets out of the car with the intention of fighting, then start your car and start driving again, but this time be really fast.

4. Stopping Completely

When you slow down the vehicle or stop it, the tailgater might get enough space to pass your car. It is a good thing as you did it with the intention of letting them get by you as they do not know how to drive correctly.

how to get a tailgater to back off
Mind the distance always though when letting the tailgater to bypass. Source: Motoring Research

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Summing Up

Hence, when you are facing the question of how to get a tailgater to back off, then these guidelines would come in handy.