How Often To Change Engine Coolant? The Guide

Maintenance of the automobile is one of the foremost things that people often disregard. Timely repairs and services enhance the performance of the vehicle to the highest degree. Changing vehicle fluids at the right time is the best way to boost your car. Engine coolant is one of the top fluids to replace one time. Swapping the coolant might differ from car to car. One can easily come across the cars that recommend replacing the coolant after 1,00,000+ miles or 1,50,000 km. The question that how often to change engine coolant might strike your mind repeatedly.

Let’s talk about the engine coolant and its alteration below

How Often To Change Engine Coolant? The Guide

The engine coolant circulates through the engine body just like the blood in our body. It flows all the way through the engine and the radiator to keep the stuff cool. The engine absorbs the heat and transfers it to the engine outer blocks. The outcomes can be frightening if the coolant is not in good condition or is not replaced on time. Engine coolant is the chief car cooling system and it requires appropriate care. Maintaining the cooling system in good condition will add a few more years to the car’s life. Most car companies guide to change the coolant after every 30,000 miles or 50,000 km. But, it generally depends on the type of automobile as well.

Let’s discuss how to replace the engine coolant in no time

1. Go Through The Owner’s Manual

The first step that will assist to replace the coolant is owner manual offered with the car. One can opt for the maintenance tips from professionals to get the job done swiftly. The manual will let one know about how often to change engine coolant & how much is the car capacity.

Understand how often to change engine coolant
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2. Set Up The Setup

Parking the vehicle over a flat surface would be great to do the task easily. Make sure to lift the car a little up for emptying the old coolant. Place some sort of container beneath the radiator to hold the coolant running out.

3. Empty The Radiator Tank

A radiator tank is usually a metal or plastic tank placed beside the engine. Keeping the container right beneath the tank will assist to catch the flushed fluid. Open the valve and empty the radiator tank completely. Close the valve to add the fresh coolant into the radiator tank.

4. Replace It!

Coolant replacement is not a big deal now. One can change the old coolant with newer one now. Fill the radiator as per the radiator capacity. And, it’s done!

Reason how often to change engine coolant
Benefits of how often to change engine coolant. Source: Pav_1007 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Winding Up

That’s all! These were some tips for replacing the engine coolant perfectly. Hope you have got the answer for how often to change engine coolant. Keep these tips in mind for better maintenance of your car.