Car Cooling System – What to Do to Keep Its Cool?

The engine gets hot, and there is nothing new in that. Every time your car is running, the fuel will burn, and the chances are that it will heat the engine almost every time. Repeated controlled outbursts happening every minute makes the engine hot. And, that’s the apparent reason why we need something to cool down the temperature and keep the system running smoothly. The car cooling system will ensure that your system and engine is functioning efficiently.

So, here are some cooling system components that you will find inside the car, and this is how you should take care of it properly to keep your running for years.

Car Cooling System – The Functioning Explained

The car cooling system works to cool down the temperature. There are a few components inside the car system, on which this car cooling system works. Be ready to learn some maintenance tips from the experts too to maintain your vehicle yourself, when needed.

Car cooling system
The car cooling system works to cool down the temperature (Photo Source: crushpixel)


Heater Core

The engine expels the heated fluid. Further, it flows through the heater core and that then re-circulates back into the system. During this process, the heater core tends to produce heat, which makes your vehicles even hotter. This happens when the defroster of your car is on.

Coolant and Radiator

Most of us are aware of at least one cooling system component and i.e., the radiator. All you need to ensure is that the fill levels are precisely where it is supposed to be. Notice if there is any leak and get it fixed right there and then. Besides the color of the radiator, the fluid should be green or yellow, and in case, if it is dark or looks like it is burnt, then you need to get it checked by the professionals.

Water Pump

Another component of the cooling system is the water pump. So, how it works? The coolant starts traveling from the radiator goes into the water pump, and then moves into the engine compartment. The purpose is to keep the temperature regulated inside the vehicle. Generally, water pumps do not get affected by usage or time. But, in case you find the water pump is not functioning properly, get it replaced or checked soon.

Car cooling system
The coolant travels from the radiator and goes into the pump. (Photo Source: cars)

Fans and Hoses

Every car has a certain belt, hoses, and fans; this is what you can find in the cooling system. You will have to keep all of it in an ideal condition to ensure your vehicle works efficiently. Besides, it will also keep vehicle’s cooling system up and going. Let professionals inspect it frequently, just to avoid any possible issues.


Needless to mention that it is an essential chunk of the vehicle that needs to be in a good shape for a vehicle to run smoothly. Thermostat controls the temperature regulation, besides keeping a track of the engine’s temperature. So, you need to get it checked often to avoid any overheating.

Car cooling system
It keeps a track of the engine’s temperature. (Photo Source: daseuropeanautohaus)

The Takeaway Message

Car cooling system can overheat and create a mess if not handled properly, or maintained to that level. It is better to take it to professional for proper inspection and give it a longer life.