How Much Does A Spoiler Cost?

Although it is only an insignificant detail, the spoiler brings unexpected effects during use. For many drivers, it seems to serve just the task of making the vehicle cooler. But actually, the car’s spoiler has an indispensable effect that not everyone knows. So what are the benefits of the spoiler? Should you install it on your car’s rear? And how much does a spoiler cost? Let’s find out the article below with Car From Japan.

What Is A Car Spoiler?

The operating mechanism

A car spoiler is a part often installed at the rear of a car, with a design based on the principle of aerodynamics. This principle has 3 basic types of force with the following operating mechanism.

  • Lift force: When the car is in motion, the airflow above the hood travels a longer distance than the airflow below the vehicle. This difference in wind speed creates a lift force perpendicular to the road surface, reducing the vehicle’s ability to grip the road.
  • Drag force: When cars move, especially on highways or roads with few obstacles, a strong wind will exert a great drag force, causing the car to slow down and consume more fuel to operate stably.
  • Side force: Produced by air currents acting on the side of the vehicle, causing the car to lose balance during movement. This force usually has a smaller velocity and impact factor than lift and drag force.

Usage and materials

Previously, the spoiler was usually only equipped on racing cars and sports cars. But now, this accessory has been widely used in many cars to increase aesthetics and improve the vehicle’s performance. In detail, the spoiler not only gives the car a more reliable appearance but also reduces the impact of the air, supports the engine to accelerate stably, and grips the road better at high-speed range.

The spoiler is mounted in many different positions, such as the body, front, and rear, and has many different shapes, ranging from large to small, from simple to complex, depending on the design of the manufacturer. Car spoilers are usually manufactured mainly from polymer-based lightweight materials such as:

  • ABS plastic: A plastic resin produced by molding ABS plastic combined with other additives, typically granular fillers to increase stiffness.
  • Fiberglass: Lightweight, high strength, and certified pressure resistance
  • Silicone: Has mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance
  • Carbon fiber: Lightweight, super strong, and has outstanding strength and heat resistance.

Car spoilers vs. Car wings

Both spoilers and wings are often referred to as spoilers, and many people may confuse these two. In reality, the spoiler and wing are two details at the rear but with different purposes. If the spoiler has the effect of dividing the airflow, helping the air to slide out of the car smoothly, then the wing (wind vane) helps to take advantage of that airflow to create a force to press the car down to the road surface.

Spoiler only works when the car is running at high speed. Because at low speed, the drag force is small so this part can not work. The spoiler incorporates details in the front bumper or chassis to change the direction of the airflow. As drag decreases, fuel efficiency also increases.

Wings, on the other hand, have a design like an inverted airplane wing, separating from the surface of the vehicle to help air circulate above and below the wing at different speeds, creating different pressure and thereby generating downforce on the wing. This force helps the car stick to the road, but at the same time can cause a loss of about 15% of the maximum speed.

spoiler vs wing car
We can see that the wings have the opposite way of operating to car spoilers. (Photo: Mechanic Base)

Benefits and Drawbacks of The Car Spoiler

A car spoiler may only be a small detail compared to the overall, but it is considered a development step in the research process of automotive aerodynamics.

To put it simply, when a car operates in an ideal environment with smooth and windless road conditions, its main obstacle is the air. The faster you ride, the greater the air drag. Every number and parameter needs to ensure the drag force is lowest and minimize the lift the operating vehicle creates. And the role of the car spoiler is highly appreciated.

Benefits of car spoilers

Besides the visible uses of providing a sporty appearance, the car spoiler also has many other benefits, such as increasing visibility, improving braking efficiency, and saving fuel.

Increase traction

When the vehicle is traveling at a speed above 110 km/h, the pressure effects can cause it to be lifted. This will be very dangerous if the driver cannot control his steering wheel. Therefore, one of the practical benefits of a rear spoiler is to reduce airlift and increase/maintain traction and help the vehicle to operate stably.

Support more stable braking

In addition to the ability to increase traction, one of the lesser-known uses of the car’s spoiler is to support the braking process to be stable. The mounting position creates drag, making the control safer even when the driver drives at high speed and brakes hard.

Energy saving

Wind resistance is one of the factors affecting the fuel economy of a vehicle. The reason is that when traveling at a certain speed, the engine always has to withstand the wind force. The greater the drag, the more fuel consumption to operate and accelerate. Therefore, equipping a car spoiler is essential to resist the wind and decrease fuel consumption.

Enhanced aerodynamic performance

The design of the car spoiler is to enhance the aerodynamics of the car. When the vehicle moves, the airflow will become turbulent and create a low-pressure area, increasing the drag and creating an unstable status. Moreover, a car spoiler will limit the separation of the airflow and make the pressure at the front higher, helping the car move more stable.

Reducing vehicle weight

The spoiler can improve downforce, reducing the drag and weight of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the car’s stability and avoid dangerous collisions, especially when traveling on highways.

Enhance aesthetics

Car spoiler is an accessory helping the car become more stylish and classy. Vehicle owners can choose spoilers with designs suitable with the vehicle and can express their personality.

benefits of a car spoiler
The car spoiler is an innovative design helping the vehicle operate stably and ensure the driver’s safety during travel. (Photo: Topspeed)

For a long story short, with a high-quality car spoiler, you and your car will avoid certain disadvantages during travel. Specifically, when driving, the airflow movement on the car body will create resistance and turbulence. At that time, the rear spoiler as a kinetic device will reduce that disfavor.

Disadvantages of a spoiler on cars

They can look ridiculous to some drivers loving the simple or light-looking style.

Adding things like spoilers, for some people, can help improve the look of a vehicle. However, the truth is that some cars are not built with spoilers originally. And adding them right on the rear may make your vehicle look unfamiliar and weird at first glance.

Ultimately, all that matters is the type of vehicle you want to add a spoiler to. And only the individual adding it can judge whether it looks slick or intimidating.


This issue is comparable to car windshields but also concerns rear windshields, as they are also fiberglass and ABS plastic, which are among the most robust materials. The biggest concern with these materials is that although they look sumptuous on the car, they are not quite durable and cannot withstand many bumps on the road. For those who damage their lips, this often leads to constant cracks and scratches.

The complicated installation process

Some cars are not designed or built with the spoiler in mind. So fitting a spoiler into a vehicle, especially an older vehicle, can be a seriously troublesome process. As innovation improves, this becomes more and more of an issue. However, with any modification, there is a constant risk that something may go wrong that will damage the car in the long term.

The spoiler color may not match the car’s body frame

One big problem with adding a spoiler is that the bodywork and the paint on it may not match, making things look rather bizarre and untrendy.

The installation cost can be a burden

The most worthy-to-note factor in making any kind of change or modification to a car will be the amount of money it takes to do so. As for some drivers, adding a spoiler would probably be a bit expensive.

If the benefits of having one offset the cost of adding it, it’s an easy decision to make. However, for many typical drivers, the cost of adding their dream spoiler is worth to consider more than once.

How Much Does A Spoiler Cost?

So how much does a spoiler cost, maybe this is what you care about right now. The cost of a car spoiler depends on several factors such as the spoiler style and the vehicle shape, the brand, and the reputation of where you bought it. You will always have to spend more money on a high-end car than you will pay for a low-end car. And the same goes for spoilers. It all depends on the quality of the spoiler you’re looking for.

how much does a spoiler cost installed
The cost of a car spoiler depends a lot on its quality and design. (Photo: nateqnews)

If you want to save money on this seemingly small auto part, you can find drivers who are selling personal cars or maybe go to a salvage yard/used car yard. You can find a large variety of spoiler for about $15. For a high-end spoiler, you may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In general, if you don’t meet a scammer and deal with a quality new spoiler, the average cost you have to spend on a spoiler will be around $100 to $150.

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How Much Will It Cost You To Install a Car Spoiler?

You are expected to pay around $260 on average for spoiler installation. Paint costs should be included in this price, and this is about $160, along with labor costs of about $100. Even so, labor costs can start from around $25 and go up to over $920, depending on the contractor you choose, the installation process, and how long it takes.

However, the average price of spoiler installation is around $550, including the spoiler. This average price is available for most vehicles, but you should spend more on an exotic or luxury vehicle. You will have to pay more if buying from an individual or a salvage garden because you may need to sand, prime, and sometimes repair it.

Generally, spoiler installation costs start at around $50 and can go up to over $1,000 for every polished process with skilled workers.

FAQs On More Issues Related To How Much A Car Spoiler Cost

What do you need to understand before choosing a spoiler?

To select an effective car spoiler, which not only provides an aesthetic advantage but also contributes to the enhancement and optimization of the vehicle’s performance, the selected one must be tested in the wind tunnel first.

If you want to buy a spoiler that can do its job at its best, you will need time to learn and be informed about the wind tunnel test status of your chosen spoiler model. Otherwise, it will still be just a decorative accessory to make your car more unique.

How much do you have to spend to paint a car spoiler?

You can add spoilers to your car without painting or decorating any parts. This act, of course, does not affect any piece of the vehicle’s performance. However, for those who like shiny looks, having an unpainted car spoiler can make them feel like it will reduce the exterior appeal of the whole car.

The amount you’re willing to spend on car spoiler paint will depend on the color you like, the meticulousness of the painter, and the location you choose to carry out the project. The expected total you can expect to pay for painting this part is between $100 and $150.

However, you won’t even have to spend a dime or less if you can get a friend or family member who knows how to paint cars or paint bodywork for you.

If desired, where can I find a good-quality aftermarket car spoiler?

As with any other auto body part, you can always find an aftermarket spoiler for your car anywhere, as long as the seller has decent quality endorsements from previous purchasers.

car spoiler installation
You can find a car spoiler for around $50 to $60 with installation instructions from any reputable auto parts website. (Photo: EFFEKTrecord)

After you buy the car spoiler, you will have to install it. The process starts with finding a dealership or a car body shop, where the staff will help you install the spoiler efficiently.

Can I install a spoiler at an auto dealer?

In general, car spoilers getting from the dealer are pre-installed, although some resellers will install them for you. In the best cases, you can ask for this before making a purchase. And don’t forget to take them home without doing or asking for the installation.

With more professional auto stores, you may have to request this installation task as a special order.

If I want to paint a car spoiler myself, what tools and supplies do I need to prepare?

First, you need to purchase the necessary materials: a solution for plastic parts, paints, colorless varnishes, solvents, and a set of sandpaper. The varnish, primer, and paint should have the same base coat, such as acrylic, to ensure that there will be no compatibility issues.

All paintwork must be done outdoors with the following steps:

  • Remove the spoiler with solvent.
  • Sand the entire surface so it becomes matte. This should be done dry without the use of water.
  • Spray the primer evenly on the surface of the car spoiler and let it dry slightly (about 15 minutes but depending on the type of primer, read the instructions carefully).
  • Spray paint. This should be done “horizontally. In detail, start spraying horizontally, pause for 10 minutes, and only then paint vertically. Paint should only be added from a distance. Keeping the spray angled and the flow undirected for long periods.
  • Apply a clear colorless polish.

Wrapping Up On How Much Does A Spoiler Cost

We have scrolled through some notices to answer your question about how much does a spoiler cost. We hope you will have a better insight on this issue and repare yourself a good base to start any projects in the future with confidence and carefreeness.

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