How Do You Charge A Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars have garnered the attention of motorists due to their less carbon emission and more mileage than gasoline-run vehicles and more power than electric vehicles. They appear to strike a balance between these two types. But, how do you charge a hybrid car? Do hybrid cars need to be plugged in an electric outlet?

How Do You Charge A Hybrid Car?

A hybrid vehicle draws power from two to three sources. The engine part runs on gasoline while the electric motor uses a battery pack. Some models have an internal combustion engine too.

Do you have to charge a hybrid? It depends on the type of hybrid vehicle you are driving.

Each of them has a regenerative braking and makes use of an onboard generator to recharge. The difference in hybrid car charging lies in the way their motor mechanism features the gas engine and electric motor.

hybrid car charging
Hybrid cars use different charging methods. Source: Toyota

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There are mainly two different hybrid varieties. Let’s find out about their charging methods.

Standard Hybrids

They are just like regular cars but only with slightly different engine functions. It has a regenerative braking system the keeps recharging the battery pack when the engine is running.

How do you charge a hybrid car when it is a standard model? You definitely don’t need to plug it in.

The motor of the standard hybrid vehicles consists of a gas engine and electric motor. Gasoline is still the primary source of power of these cars. You have to fill up the tank as you do for a regular fuel-driven vehicle.

The car can also run on the power of the electric motor. When the battery is almost drained up, the internal combustion engine kicks in to allow the battery to regain its power. The combination of a gas engine and electric motor helps to achieve a better mileage and reducing the fuel costs.

Some of the most popular hybrid models are Toyota Prius, Kia Optima, and Ford Fusion. Luxury brands like Lexus and Porsche have also added hybrids to their product lines.

Plug-In Hybrids

The plug-in is the upgraded version of the standard models. They come with more powerful batteries, allowing the vehicle to run on battery power for a longer period. They are more like an electric car and less like a gasoline-run car. The costs of plug-in hybrids are more than the standard ones but the exceptional mileage they offer is a big plus.

do you need to charge a hybrid car
A plug-in hybrid use fuel and electric charge. Source: Audi

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How do you charge a hybrid car when it is a plug-in model? The perks of these cars are you can plug them into an external electric source other than having the regenerative braking system. A plug-in hybrid runs on either the gas engine or the electric motor. When the battery power decreases, the engine kicks in to run the car and recharge the battery.

Some popular plug-in hybrids are Audi A3, BMW 330e, Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, and more.

Do You Need To Charge A Hybrid Car?

No, you don’t. The regenerative system keeps the battery recharged as long as there is fuel in the tank. But, recharging the plug-in models will cut the fuel usage a bit and give more mileage on the electric motor.