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The Most Environmentally Friendly Cars Of 2018

The world has become a pollution preserver. There are eco friendly ways though to overcome the rising global issues. Choosing environmentally friendly cars is one of them. Your car necessarily doesn’t have to look like an ordinary mechanical assembly to be fuel efficient.

Car manufacturers have taken full advantage of the technological advancements to provide you stunning fuel-efficient car models. Have a look at some of the best picks of 2018, below.

Environmentally Friendly Cars – 4 Brands That Are Making a Difference

Soaring gas prices and subsequent air pollution are two reasons that have made eco friendly cars a necessity of the hour. The advent of technology through the years makes way for a better future with low pollution vehicles on the roads.

Have a look at the latest car models ruling the markets and the roads alike in 2018.

1. The Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius has come a long way since its introduction to the hybrid technology. Toyota has developed a powerful beast that is a blend of electric motor and an internal combustion engine. This hybrid feature enables the Prius to produce less emission and thus higher fuel economy. Thus the Prius gets the title of most preferred environmentally friendly cars ever.

It has a regenerative brake system that converts waste energy into electricity which, in turn, is used to recharge car’s battery. The variable transmission system is the most popular feature of the Prius that makes it a low emission star.

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2. Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

One of the greenest cars ever, the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid has marked its everlasting impression. It is a mid-sized sedan with a room for five people. It is a hybrid car that has an electric power system installed that lowers down the fuel consumption greatly.

Understanding The Background Of environmentally friendly cars
Tips for choose environmentally friendly cars (Photo Source: goauto)

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When driving through bumpy terrains, Honda Clarity is the best hybrid option to opt for. It takes on the power needs well no matter how steep the slope. Refer to car comparison when looking for Honda Clarity competitors in the market.

3. The Electric Chevy Volt

It is one of the best eco friendly cars that have made its name to the “Green” car list. The model has two electric motors that work in unity to optimize fuel efficiency. The 2018 model is capable of running for about 53 miles on its electric capabilities. The distance could extend up to 420 miles when the batteries are fully charged and the tank full.

The added benefit that the 2018 model offers is the mobile app availability. You can now check your car’s charging status and can even find charging stations nearby.

4. Ford Focus Electric

This electric car has taken fuel efficiency to a whole new level. The Ford Focus Electric variant comprises 23 Kilowatt lithium-ion batteries for a smooth and an uninterrupted run. It too has a Smartphone app that highlights the carbon emission you avoided. The app also alerts you when the charging charges near you have plummeted.

Doubts you should clarify about environmentally friendly cars
Brilliant ways To know about environmentally friendly cars (Photo Source: ford)

The charging system for the Ford Focus is a 6.6-kilowatt variant so as to limit the complete battery charging to 3 hours. When you stop for shopping, you could plug-in the charge to get those extra miles on the road. What a technology!


The mentioned four brands have given the environmentally friendly cars a new definition. The technology has grown to such levels that better future with minimized carbon footprint is on the rise.

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