Honda HRV Problems: 5 Most Common Complaints

Honda has been producing reliable cars for decades and one of their most popular models is the Honda HRV. It’s a small SUV that offers a lot of space and comfort while still being affordable. It has been well received by consumers because of its reliability and adequate fuel efficiency. However, there have been a number of complaints over the years about several Honda HRV problems.

Thinking of buying this car? Get a clear idea about the issues you can face as an owner.

The 5 Most Common Honda HRV Problems

The Honda HRV is a subcompact crossover SUV that has been around since the year 2015, and it’s still going strong. It was originally popular because of its reliability and durability, but there have been some hiccups over the years with this vehicle.

Here are 5 common complaints that HRV drivers and owners often make. So you can know what to look out for when purchasing your next car!

1) Chipping and bubbling paintwork

Some people have had problems with the paint of their HRV chipping and peeling off within a few years. Some owners say they only drove the car for less than 4 years before facing issues like large swathes of bubbles under the paintwork or chipped paint with rust underneath, which is not normal.

Chipping and peeling of the paint on new cars can be incredibly frustrating because you will have no choice but to pay for the repairs out of pocket. Honda HRVs are known for their great build quality, so maybe there was a hiccup in the production of those particular models.

Honda HRV problems
The paint can chip off easily. (Credit: crash71100 / Flickr)

Repainting a car can cost lower than a hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the area that needs to be repainted.

2) The throttle behaves erratically

This is a very serious problem that has been reported by many HRV owners. It’s normal for the throttle to jerk slightly when you first accelerate, but it should go back to normal after a few seconds of driving. However, some drivers have experienced their car lurching forward at full speed, causing them to crash into another vehicle in the parking lot.

In some other cases, the throttle loses its power and slows down the car. It could be a safety issue when you are driving on the highway.

These are very dangerous Honda HRV problems that definitely need to be fixed as soon as possible by an authorized Honda dealer.

3) Loose window gaskets

This complaint has been brought up by several HRV drivers, and it affects the driver-side doors mostly. The window gaskets around the door windows become loose or completely dislodged within a few months. It can cause major problems for your car’s interior as all of that water will get inside.

You can also fix this problem yourself by purchasing new window gaskets and following the instructions on YouTube. Repairs like these are very easy when you have all of the right tools. Make sure to get it fixed ASAP because water damage in cars can be very costly.


4) Losing acceleration at high speeds

When you are driving at high speeds (say 80km/h or more) on the highway, sometimes the car will lose acceleration and refuse to go any faster even though your foot is down on the gas pedal completely. This means that if there is a car right behind you, it could cause an accident.

This is also another problem that needs to be fixed ASAP by an authorized dealer. If it happens on the highway then pull over immediately because this will not get better as you continue driving — in fact, it could make things worse!

5) Uncomfortable seats

People say that after driving their HRV for several thousand miles, they feel hip pain and back sore and it’s very uncomfortable to sit down. The seats have poor lumbar support and the position of the head restraints is quite awkward, adding to the discomfort of both the driver and passengers.

This is pretty annoying if you just want to go on a road trip with your friends because it can be exhausting being in the car all day.

The only solution to this problem is adding external lumbar support. A better solution is replacing the seats and headrest altogether but that could be quite costly.


There you have it, the top 5 Honda HRV problems that many owners commonly complain about. There’s no doubt that this vehicle is a very solid choice and one of the best SUVs on the market today, but there are some hiccups along the way for sure! Make sure to keep an eye out for these common problems if you are looking to buy a used HRV.