Honda Connect: Are Honda’s 9 Advanced Technologies Worth

Imagine a system that notifies you when your car is driven past its set parameters! Or, a system that sends an emergency call to Honda or family members when a collision occurs! 

To enhance safety, connectivity and security, Honda auto led by Mr Yasuhiro Kawano came up with features that connect with smartphones collectively known as Honda Connect. The famous Honda Connect is incorporated in the All-New Honda City hatchback, HR-V, Tourer and Jazz.

From the combination of all the Connect features and functions, car owners stand higher chances of being safe, evacuated and also stopping the car before a collision occurs. Through reminders and alerts, the Honda Connect app informs the driver of any action that needs to be undertaken and when to take the action.

With the car dashboards today filled with diagnostic symbols for most of the features highlighted by Honda, will they be of significance because of their availability on smartphones? In my opinion, the fact that you can locate the car on Google maps via your smartphone is a reason to credit Honda Connect.   

The infotainment system is today a common feature in almost all modern cars. Its connectivity with smartphones is a game-changer as more people than ever spend more time and rely on their mobile phones in daily life. To induce a sense of connectivity, Honda substituted “Infotainment” for Honda Connect.  

How Honda Connect Works

This Connect system is an intelligent communication platform that provides connectivity between the customers’ car and his/her smartphone. It provides a platform for communication between Honda, owner family, car owner and the car. 

Just like the normal infotainment system, the Connect System goes on immediately after the car is ignited. You then have to use Bluetooth to connect your Honda with the mobile phone. And if you rely on WiFi, the smartphone has to be set as a “Portable WiFi hotspot. Turn the WiFi On and then connect.  Alexa is another method you can use when connecting.  

Once the phone connects with the Connect system, a mobile phone icon displays on the dashboard of the car. With the connection switched on, you’ll be receiving alerts, reminders via telematics and even support in case of an emergency.

Honda’s Connect 9 Advanced Technologies

Honda is among the top auto brands that are committed to saving human lives by integrating safety and security systems. The advanced smart 9 Connect features are:

Automatic Collision Detection  

Motivated by the desire to offer cars that promise sense of security, the Honda team incorporated automatic collision detection into the Honda Connect. In case an airbag is deployed or the car collides, the collision is detected and a notification is sent to the Call Centre for emergency support.

This feature is meant to help Honda Connect users get timely help when an accident occurs.

Speed Alert

High speed has remained the top cause of vehicle accidents around the world. With this feature, the application allows you to set a speed limit. Whenever you accelerate the car beyond the set speed limit, a notification is sent to the owner’s smartphone. 

Since you can switch the car off remotely, if the driver speed supersedes the speed limit you can switch off the car using the  

Emergency Call

With the tip of your figure, making an emergency call during an accident with this feature takes a split of a second. All you need is to tap the emergency contacts and luckily you’ll receive help or assistance from the people contacted.

This advanced technology is worth especially to the long-distance drivers and those who engage in night travels. 

Service Reminder 

The Service Reminder feature is designed to continually monitor the vehicle and then indicate when the next service will be. It also provides car users with past service information. The last date when the service was done can be accessed on this feature as well as the estimated cost of the upcoming service.   

Security Alarm Detection

Users of this system can know when an unauthorized person tries to gain access to the car. Immediately the bonnet, doors or trunk is forcibly opened, a push notification is sent to the owner and the Honda’s 24-hour Roadside Assist Call Centre. 

Find My Car

With your car connected to a smartphone, you can locate the car from wherever it is. It doesn’t matter the area in which your car lastly was. Once this feature is linked to a map, locating the car is easy and fast.


Remote Vehicle Control 

Remote Vehicle Control encompasses a myriad of functions like remote door lock and unlock remote engine stop and start, remote light control and remote air conditioner control. Using a smartphone you can unlock the car doors from a far distance and also turn on the air conditioner before leaving the sitting room.

Geo-fencing Alert  

As the feature name suggests, you can set zones within which the car can move in or go out. This feature limits movement of the car to the zoned area. Its users have a humble time for they have confidence their car cannot be driven to an unknown area. 

Honda car
Honda Connect: (Photo Source: Pexels)

Car Status

For convenient monitoring of the critical systems like ABS, electric power steering system, charging system and engine malfunction among many others. In case of a malfunction of any system within the Car Status feature, an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone.

Other systems you can remotely check their status are adaptive cruise control system, lane keep assist system and vehicle stability assist. 

Besides the above functions, the car owner is regularly updated on fuel level, airbag, locks and battery status. All these can remotely be monitored on a smartphone.


After summarizing the 9 features connected to the Honda Connect, this connectivity system developed by Honda is worth recommending to other auto manufacturers left behind. If you live in an estate whose security is wanting, both car status and remote control function are very important.