Here’s How to Clean Your BMW The Easy Way

BMW is a luxury brand, and a luxury brand requires luxury upkeep, which you can do by following certain steps. If you own a BMW, there is no doubt that you would take all steps to take good care of the vehicle. Apart from the regular oil change and engine inspection, you also need to keep the car clean. Here is when you would need to follow some BMW car wash tips to keep the vehicle running for a long time. It will give your ride a classy and well-cared look, which will grab the attention of onlookers.

What BMW Car Wash Tips Will Help Make the Car Brand New?

Keeping the BMW in pristine condition is vital to get the total value of your investment. Hence, when washing the car; there are a few tips to help you clean every inch without damaging the paint or any other component.

We recommend you browse online to find the best maintenance tips to keep the car running for years without issues. Car experts recommend that you start the wash from bottom to the top, as cleaning the wheels before the car would help avoid drying the vehicle twice.

Here are the five easy steps to keep your BMW squeaky clean.

Start With the Wheels

Firstly, we advise you to wash each wheel of the BMW car before washing the body of the vehicle. In case the BMW comes with an M Carbon Ceramic Brakes; you need to clean both the brake discs and calipers with a high-pressure cleaner. It will prevent the formation of salt crystal deposits when the car is in the parking after the wash. It is the first BMW car wash tips to start the cleaning.

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Keep Away From Cleaners With Heavy Chemicals
Always Clean the Disk Brakes and Calipers to Prevent Salt Deposits

Go For the Car Body

After you clean the wheels rinse the entire car to remove dirt particles on the surface, as these can leave scratches during the cleaning.

Next, you need to apply the best BMW cleaning products or a wash solution. Choose one with PH-balanced and zero detergents, as it can harm the paint and accelerate oxidation. A quality cleaning solution will protect the car’s paint. It will remove every trace of dirt and any grease. Avoid using cleaning cloth with material as heavy polyester, as it can scratch the paint.

Dry Off the Entire Car

Now it is time to dry the BMW using a non-scratching microfiber cloth. It will remove water from the car’s paint without leaving any mark. We recommend you use two similar clothes to soak up the water with one and wipe the pending wetness on the color.

Invest in a high-quality microfiber cloth, which will not shed or scratch the surface of the vehicle. Keep some extra microfiber towels to dry different parts of your BMW, such as the paint, window, and the wheels.

Keep Extra Microfiber Clothes To Clean Different Parts of the Car
Make Sure to Remove Water From the Car’s Paint

Use a Car Cleaner Window

We recommend you use a car window cleaner. However, make sure the cleaner does not contain any dye or additives, as it can leave behind residues. Choose a car window cleaner available in spray form for equal application.

Use a non-scratch microfiber cloth for applying the cleaning solution to the car window. A useful BMW car wash tip is using a solution, which will not only clean the window but also remove any traces of dirt, fingerprints, smoke, or haze without too much scrubbing.

Use Car Wax and Sealant

For the final step, give the BMW that old shine back with good car wax and sealant for total protection. It will make the paint shine out; which will make your ride like it just came from the showroom.

Utilize a Microfiber Cloth to Apply the Wax
Make Sure to Include A Sealant for Complete Protection


When you want to know how to provide a new look to your BMW car, we recommend you follow the BMW car wash tips mentioned above. Rest assured that your car would get the attention it deserves, and the neighbors might even ask about the ‘new’ car.