BMW Vs Mercedes: The Battle Of Luxury Brands

BMW and Mercedes are two brands that will be named in any discussion of luxury vehicles. The German automakers are already two of the best-selling brands in the sector of high-priced automobiles. The engineering and the quality of the vehicles they manufacture are remarkable in many aspects. These two companies have been competitors for more than a century. How are they different from each other? Which brand is better between BMW vs Mercedes?

You are lucky if you can afford to keep a car from both brands. But most people don’t have that luxury. In that case, which would you choose? Mercedes Benz or BMW?

BMW Vs Mercedes: Notable Differences

In order to answer the question:”Is Mercedes or Bmw better”, car owners need to remove the obstacle in their minds. To be more precise, there is no better type. They are both “the best”. To make it easier to understand, it’s just like choosing between Pepsi and Coca Cola, but in car industries. So it is impossible to answer this general question without careful consideration. 

Instead, we recommend comparing both of these cars by each vehicle’s component. In order to know what drivers want, a fully informed decision is needed. Then, car owners can decide which features and priorities you are desired for in your everyday best friend. For that reason, read the comparison to rate them and make up your mind before making a buying decision.

1. History

BMW started its journey in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. It then shifted its focus to the production of automobiles and motorcycles. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company runs its operation in several countries across the world.

Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1926 as a division of Daimler AG. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the company is known for producing luxury vehicles, trucks, coaches, and buses.

which is better bmw or mercedes
BMW is known for performance while Mercedes for comfort features(Photo Source: carcody)

Comparing BMW vs Mercedes, the former has always focused on the engineering of the vehicles and crafting powerful engines as it describes itself as the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’. Conversely, Mercedes has always wanted to ensure the ultimate comfort for its customers.

In recent years, it seems that the brands have swapped their focus with that of one another. For instance, Mercedes has released many performance cars while BMW is busy making its vehicles more comfortable.

But how do you know which brand is best for you? These points of comparison between BMW vs Mercedes might be helpful to answer the question”Is Mercedes or Bmw better”:

2. Design

It is a fact that no driver wants to buy a ugly car, no matter how powerful or dependable it is. If truth be told, some car owners even choose their vehicle based on the outlook of the car rather than their performances. 

However, this is BMV Vs Mercedes, two of the most beautiful and well-created car brands. So drivers have no worry about getting an unattractive vehicle. Instead, this part will focus on which perks and amenities that car owners prefer from each type, rather than wonder which is better, Bmw or Mercedes. 


It is obvious that the exterior plays an vital role in people’s automobile choice. Everyone desires a flashy, sleek car envied and loved by other car owners. Thankfully, both Mercedes and BMW can offer this with their own defined style. 

With the changing in design, from “sharknose” to “kidney grill”, BMW proved itself to be an up-to-date and always moving forward car brand. On the other hand, the Mercedes models aim to have a luxury, sleek, elegance exterior style. While BMW car models tend to have the cabins towards the rear and make them forward-looking, the Mercedes-Benz gives their models a streamlined shape, along with a longer body.


When it comes to the automobile’s interior, Mercedes-Benz and BMW focus on their own unique designs, and both Mercedes vs Bmw quality are top-notch. Most BMW car models are designed around ergonomically friendly. To be more specific, everything is arranged and located conveniently: car buttons, temperate changing systems, volume switches, radio adjustments… can be reached with a fingertip. This makes driving a pleasant experience. 

On the other hand, Mercedes is definitely the king of luxurious interior settings. We are talking about the interior with modern chrome, leather, wood and insane comfort conveniences inside. The interior of Mercedes is a different world. Along with that, both BMW vs Mercedes in the technology part like kill and start engine buttons, which can be turned on and off remotely. 

If you are considering cabin comfort and interior style, Mercedes-Benz has the edge over its rival. You will get the idea if you compare the S-Class or E-Class with any BMW car. But BMW vehicles maintain a standard across all models, while some Mercedes models like the subcompact CLA can highly disappoint.

3. Reliability

Many drivers have the question “is Mercedes more reliable than Bmw?”. It is true that all German make vehicles have high-reliability scores. So, it’s a bit confusing to decide which brand is the most reliable. Is Mercedes better than BMW in this regard? Well, not really. 

BMW, Mercedes: Always a tough comparison (Source: unsplash)

Mercedes is ahead of other competitors in the reliability aspect with PRE-SAFE®. This is the system that kicks into gear when there is a potential danger, which triggered before the drivers even acknowledge. All the windows close, the braking system is automatically engaged and the seatbelts in use tighten up with the purpose of protecting drivers and people inside. In most cases, it is activated when the system detects a collision is about to happen and there is no way to avoid it. 

BMW models are also equipped with a similar safety system called APS (Active Protection System). However, one advantage for BMW is the Battery Safety Terminal which Mercedes does not have at the time this article is written. In detail, it stops all the batter, the fuel pump and alternator from working in order to prevent further damage. Not to mention, the car doors will be unlocked, the hazard lights will be turned on automatically after a crash happened. And both of these systems help their brands ranking up in the safety ratings. 


Warranty is the essential part when the automobile’s reliability is discussed. Both BMW and Mercedes – Benz offer the same warranties on all their luxury car models: Either 50,000 miles or four years of driving. Nevertheless, BMW has an upper hand while offering unlimited coverage options. To be more specific, BMW models with rust and corrosion perforation in the minimum period of 12 years can receive this coverage. Mercedes does not have this warranty package. So if you are wondering which is better, Bmw or Mercedes in warranty, BMW is 1-0 in this aspect. 

Cars from both brands will experience normal wear and tear depending on how you use them. You may need to spend a good amount for maintenance and replacing expensive parts. Their vehicles will last longer than most economy brands.


However, you cannot escape the expenses of hefty maintenance and constant calls for workshop visits. Mercedes cars are equipped with complex advanced technology that can only be repaired with supplier parts. In fact, both automakers have introduced a string of new features and technologies in their cars to fulfill market demand. For this reason, these vehicles are now under greater risk to have broken parts.

4. Safety Ratings

You cannot pick up a clear winner when comparing the safety features of BMW vs Mercedes. However, the BMW vehicles perform slightly better in this section as they have two perfect 10 safety ratings in their inventory—the X1 and 2 Series. The 13 closely follows with a 9.9 rating while the X3 is not far behind with a safety score of 9.7, according to euroncap. 

Mercedes scores one perfect 10 with its E-Class executive cars while GLE and C-Class follow the trail with a score of 9.7 and 9.3, respectively.

5. Performance

It is understandable that history, design, reliability and safety are the essential concerns for every driver. However, the performance of the automobile is the feature that car owners can truly compare and decide which vehicle is their favorite. 

We’ve already mentioned that BMW has been aiming toward penetrating a new consumer demographic by focusing on comfort features. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz has been edging toward manufacturing performance vehicles.

However, BMW is still the best when you consider the performance. It has several high-performing lines, including the 4 Series, 3 Series, 2 Series, X5, and X4. The best of all is the 5 Series executive cars. Mercedes does not have many cars to compete with BMW’s impressive fleet of high-performing machines. But you can still go for the S-Class, CLS, and SL cars if you want to drive a high-performance Mercedes.

BMW models are usually lighter than a normal Mercedes-Benz car. The difference in weight will benefit the BMW cars in maneuver around corners, as well as when driving fast. Even though Mercedes-Benz has the advantage of engine sizes, the lack of maneuverability can create issues when you are driving. Not to mention, it requires more fuel. 

mercedes benz or bmw
BMW still dominates the performance segment(Photo Source: glory4cars)

6. Price

Both luxury brands are expensive. If you are looking for saving money, look elsewhere. Whether it is the segment of small sedans, mid-size vehicles, or luxury subcompact SUVs, you have to spend a large chunk of money to purchase either a BMW or a Mercedes model.

Choosing between BMW vs Mercedes is not an easy task. They might have edged over the other in some segments, but the margin of difference is quite negligible.


Without a doubt, choosing between BMW or Mercedes is a Win/Win situation. Since both of them are the top of luxury, high-class cars and quite equal in every aspect. So it depends on the car owners’ decision on their favorite features. Do you prefer a ultimate dependable and safe vehicle than a car with amazing design and performance? Do you want to have a high-performing car, despite its lack of warranty? Or maybe a mixture of all these features is your cup of tea? Car owners that can answer all these questions, along with the knowledge of each car brand, will help you pick your most suitable vehicle.