Why Headlights Not Working but High Beams Are?

There is nothing complex about the technology of automobile headlights. But they can fail in multiple ways, which may confuse a new car owner. If your headlights stop working all of a sudden, you need to figure out the type of failure it is and take necessary action. This time, we’re going to discuss the reasons for headlights not working but high beams are.

Why Headlights Not Working But High Beams Are?

Remember that most headlight issues are related to the power supply or the bulbs. There are some specific components to look into when you face this problem. You can still drive when the high beams are working but this is, by no means, a safe practice, especially during the nighttime. Turning your high beams on all the time will blind the oncoming drivers, increasing the risk of accidents.

Here are the top reasons for headlights not working but high beams are:

car headlights not working
Fused bulbs could be the reason. (Photo Source: vk)


The bulbs are the first things to check when your low beams not working. The reasons are simple. When you turn on the headlights, it’s almost always the low beam lights. High beams are required only on some specific occasions. So, normal headlights burn out quicker than the high beams lights.

Want to change them by yourself? Be careful because the installation procedure of one type of bulb differs from the other. Shoddy work means that you will be spending more money on the bulbs.


Fuse or Relay

Every single automobile electrical system has fuses for protection from plenty of electrical problems. Power surging causes these fuses to blow up. If that happens to the headlight circuits, the bulbs will not come on.

Many headlights have a relay that diverts electrical power between the low and high beams. When it does not work, it may still send power to the high beams but not the low ones.


All bulbs are plugged into a socket. Corrosion, a bad ground, or some other issues can damage the sockets and disrupt the power flow to the bulbs. If only the sockets of the low beams are bad, it will cause headlights not working but high beams are.

It is unusual for both sockets to be damaged at the same time. But the lights are wired in some vehicles. So, any problem with one will stop supplying power to the other too. No high beams will get affected because they are on a separate circuit.

headlights fixing
Call a mechanic if you are a noob. (Photo Source: picfair)


The headlights won’t get power if their wiring is bad. The connections to the wires can get loose or some rodents can chew them. In that case, high beams will work if their wires are fine.

So, these are the most probable reasons for disrupting the functions of headlights without affecting the high beam lights. Troubleshooting these issues is easy but call a mechanic if you have no idea about headlights and experience of handling electrical systems and circuits.