Analyzing The Statistics Of Car Accidents Regarding Different Available Models

Deciding to buy a car must be a well thought decision that involves looking at the safety parameter. When driving down the road, one must be ensured that they will reach home safely with a fun-filled ride on the way. For a record, every vehicle has a safety testing to make sure it does not get involved in car accidents. Still, some car manufacturers fail to offer the sophistication and safety one deserves. Here is the list of cars that are known to be involved in accidents now and then.

Cars That Are Most Involved In Car Accidents

A car may seem sophisticated and stylish, but analyzing its safety has nothing do with how it looks. You certainly need to look a bit further when looking for which cars are the most crashed cars in the market. So, here we go!

1. BMW 4 Series

This is definitely a shocker, but it is true! Almost 11.5 percent of BMW 4 Series has been found to be involved in reported accidents. On the other hand, 7 percent of the accidents went unreported. The scenario has changed with the newer versions coming in the market though. With all the latest safety features, BMW4 series is steering clear of its infamous title of the vehicle involved in most car accidents.

2. Kia Rio

The subcompact car called, Kia Rio looks elegant, but the same cannot be said about its safety. The car supports marginal to good safety ratings with a record of 149 deaths per million when measured from 2009 to 2012. Be it the small overlap front or its average side test; Kia Rio does not promise much of safety when it comes to car accident statistics by make and model. Wish to know about interlink between the car airbags and short people? If yes, look through driving tips now!

Points you probably didn't know about car accidents
Things that happen when you are in car accidents.

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3. Nissan Murano

The Murano happens to be the first crossover introduced by Nissan in the market. Ironically, the car received positive claims regarding safety and garnered awards in 2015. Where newer models were good in the crash ratings, the earlier ones intended to impose issues on the car owner. There were nearly around 40 complaints about every ten thousand vehicles on the road. If you are thinking to buy a second-hand model that dates back to anywhere between 2006 and 2007, do not buy it.

4. The Ford Fiesta

The car is a supermini car that is popular since its inception in the automobile market. Little do you know that the Ford recalled the 2014-2015 Ford Fiesta ST models for it lacked safety. Why may you ask? The car supported 1.6 EcoBoost engines that, in turn, carried a risk to cause an engine misfire owing to insufficient coolant circulation. The good news is that the newer version is safer to the extent that it has garnered the title of top safe minicar by the IIHS.

5. Do Cars Lead To Accidents?

Before assuming that a car causes an accident, one should think twice! It is better to understand that your driving skills matter a ton as far as an accident is concerned. Even when one buys the safest car, if he does not drive well; an accident is inevitable. With every car manufacturer putting all the efforts to improve safety, you wouldn’t have to worry much about an accident taken that you drive well.

Things To know about car accidents
Driving skills do matter in car accidents

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The Takeaway

This is all about what cars are most vulnerable when it comes to a car accidents. Whenever you buy a car, make sure it has exceptional safety ratings, and never forget to master the art of driving. It is the car features and the driving skills that save you from all the haphazard on the road.