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What To Do When Gas Pedal Sticks While Driving?

Stories of the vehicle with sticking gas pedal have always been in the news. This issue can appear anytime and anywhere, so one has to be ready to ready to handle it. If you too have ever gone through it or facing the same situation right now, you are at the right place. You will come across the quickest solution when your car’s gas pedal sticks while driving.

So let’s explore the easiest procedure right now.

How To Handle The Situation When Gas Pedal Sticks While Driving

Immediate action can protect you and your car from getting hurt when the gas pedal suddenly stops working. So follow the below method right now.

1. Stay Calm

The basic mantra to avoid an accident in case your gas pedal sticks while driving is to stay calm. Stress can mess up the situation. However, it might seem easy to say but difficult to implement but keeping yourself calm is the only choice you have. In any unexpected hazardous situation, what, should you avoid doing? Take a deep breath, control the heart rate, and stay focused on the step, which is discussed in the next step.

Easy ways to facilitate gas pedal sticks while driving
Know about gas pedal sticks while driving (Photo Source: shutterstock)

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2. Beware Of The Surroundings

Look how many cars are near you when you are driving on a highway, and your gas pedal gets jammed. A general echelon of consciousness is essential to maintain when you are driving on the road. In a situation when the gas pedal is stuck, evade the traffic by carefully going off-road. If you notice any car coming towards you, inform the driver about some issue through signals such as honking, lights, or indicating.

3. Try To Lift Up The Accelerator Pedal

If your accelerator suddenly gets stuck, the pedal congregation could be the reason behind it. Lift your toe underneath the accelerator pedal and try to lift it up. Doing so could make your car to revert in the idle condition. In addition, it will also allow you to pull over the car safely. Make sure that you don’t use the left foot as a quick transition to the brake is required. If the pedal comes up easily, pedal assembly isn’t faulty.

4. Carefully Press The Brake With Right Toe

If you are at the slow or moderate speed, slowly push the brakes. While performing this action one has to be very careful as different cars may react differently to it. Use your right toe to perform this step. If you are at a high-speed chance are that the vehicle doesn’t stop completely. Keep your hands on the wheel when trying to stop the car through a brake pedal.

Common misconceptions about gas pedal sticks while driving
Reliable sources to learn about gas pedal sticks while driving (Photo Source: youtube)

Note: Never try to stop the car with emergency brake, i.e. handbrake. It can result in total control loss over the vehicle.

Winding Up

That’s how you can handle the perilous situation when gas pedal sticks while driving. Use this method and stay safe. In a worst-case scenario, don’t hesitate to use some safety maintenance tips too.

  1. Donald says

    It happened to me while reversing the car.control of the vehicle is not as easy as stated here!!
    I had to cross a busy highway in reverse,at high speed and the car went straight into a concrete wall fence!
    I can’t explain the damage to the vehicle and how the safety belt saved my life!

  2. Anthony says

    My gas pedal got stuck and I remained calm and placed the car in neutral and then shut off the car. This is a perfect way to stop or slow down a runaway speeding car especially an automatic car.

    1. Dale says

      Putting it in neutral fine. Turning off the engine will cause your steering to lock up, plus brakes are electronically controlled.

  3. Yankho says

    What would happen if you were to turn the engine off in that situation (assuming you still have those cars that have keys)?

  4. Sk says

    For the first time i disagree with the procedure here. To many parameters to consider in a split second.
    I think the safest way is to disengage/engage neutral (if auto) gear and use brakes. Trying to lift gas pedal and controlling the car with gear engaged sounds like taking the gamble too far.

  5. hery monge says

    Please let me know,why my car(probox) it reaches the speed of 90km/h it loses balance and shake.b4 I used to drive up to 140km/h and above

  6. Joe says

    Better Put to neutral (dis engage engine from the wheel) and apply brake. Don’t switch the engine off as this may fail the brakes, especially for the modern fluid controlled brakes, which depend on Car engine operations.

  7. Harrison says

    Gas pedal and brakes rely not to each other. I would step on the brakes and engage the neutral gear

  8. Johnkiarie says

    Easiest way to handle this is to move the gear lever to neutral.then apply brakes gently until the car Stop.All other narratives can’t works in the highway.

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