Should I Always Put the Parking Brake on? Here’s the Answer

The parking brake is the essential part of the overall parking system. Every driver must know the right time to use it. If you too are looking for the answer to the question- should I always put the parking brake on, you are at the right place. Here you will become acquainted with when you should put the parking brakes on.

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Should I always put the parking brake on- Find now!

You can handle any unexpected situation with the parking brake. But when exactly should you use it? Is this necessary to put it on always? These are some questions that have been rising in your head for years.

1. Absence of Gear-Lock

If you are driving a manual system car, YES, the parking brakes must be always on. Even you are at the flat surface a trivial incline is always there. As the car is already in gear and it becomes crucial to keep a hold on the car. There isn’t a gear-lock in the manual system car that can hold it. Therefore, the chances of your children or pet to thump accidentally out the gear lever are high, which is no less than a disaster. So to avoid any hazardous situation, it’s preferable to engage the parking brake always in the manual system at least.

When talking about the automatic system, the presence of gear-lock makes things go easier. Therefore, it’s up to you to put in the parking brake in an automatic system. So whenever you think about – Should I always put the parking brake on, keep this one of the best driving tips in your mind.

Think about Should I always put the parking brake on
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2. When Should You Use the Parking Brakes?

As you already know that, it’s essential to put on the parking brakes but is there any special even when you should never avoid to do it.  The short answer to it is “whenever you park the car, put the parking brakes on.” Whether the surface is hilly or plane, pull the parking brakes. It’s safe for you and everyone around you. The decisive part of the parking brake is the parking pawl that keeps a tight hold on the vehicle and protects it from rolling away. Any fault in this portion can result in some serious consequences. Besides, not using a parking brake can result in corrosion that further may lead to inoperability. This is worse than you can even imagine.

Imagine you are on the vacations with your family. You are about to park in the safe place. You pull the parking brake but it didn’t work. Now there’s a guilt of not using the parking brake regularly. The handbrake can wear out or get corrode due to unethical usage. So, ensure that you often use the parking brake whether your car system has a manual or automatic system.

Should I always put the parking brake on
Find now! Should I always put the parking brake on (Photo Source: auto)

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Wrapping Up

Should I always put the parking brake on? The answer is yes! Follow these tips and stay safe forever. Remember, it doesn’t matter how amazing driver you are, it’s important how carefully do you drive the car and keep the safety at first.