Are Front Brakes Much Heavier Than The Rear Brakes?

If there were no brakes, you would drive on and on without stopping. That is not much of a favorable situation! No vehicle in this world comes without its set of front and the rear brakes. Where people have a misconception that both the brakes are equal, one should be clear that the front brakes are heavier than the rear brakes. If in search for the science behind the same, here you can find all the answers.

Why Are Front Brakes Heavier Than The Rear Ones?

When you halt by applying the brakes, it is the kinetic energy that gets transformed into the heat energy through a process called friction. It is the intensity of the heat energy that decides the braking mechanism. As a matter of fact, the front brakes produce greater heat energy when compared to the rear brakes. Let’s get deeper into the conversation to understand the concept.

1. The Mechanism Of The Front Brakes

When you are moving in the forward direction, and you apply the brakes, the center of gravity of the vehicle shifts forward too. This is when the front tires of the car feel greater force and weight, and as a result, the front tires gain added traction. As the traction increases, the braking force on the front brakes increases too. You would be surprised to know that the front brakes contribute to about 75 percent of the car’s stopping force, and thus increasing the heat produced in turn.

The reason is enough to showcase how front and the rare brakes handle pressure differently. You must have witnessed a live example of the concept too. Wondering how? Have you ever seen how the weight of the vehicle gets concentrated on the front tires while the rears lift a bit when braking? This is exactly the concept being talked about here!

Know about front brakes
Immense pressure on front brakes can even lift rear wheels up

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2. The Mechanism Of The Rear Brakes

You must be clear by now that front and rear brakes are different regarding handling pressure. In simple terms, the rear brakes do not produce as much heat as the front brakes. Imagine a case where the scenario is opposite; i.e., the rear brakes are heavier than the front brakes. Would it make a difference? Yes, of course, it would! Do you know that the rear brakes cannot produce more than 40 percent of the braking power at any point?

This explains that if the rear brakes get heavier, they will lock up every time you put your foot on the brakes. Another consequence could be the activation of ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) at all instances. You could also refer to maintenance tips if you are dealing with brakes smoking problem. You’ll get a complete guide to how to go through the process.

Facts about front brakes
Rear brakes are more suitable for slowing down

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know why your front brakes are heavier than the rear ones, the least of confusions would occur. Always remember, it is necessary for the front brakes to be heavier owing to the weight transfer intensity it needs to handle. After all, knowledge makes you a wise and intellectual person!