How to Find When Your Car Needs a Transmission Flush

Cars or vehicles are not only some automotive that you buy and use but they are one of the essential parts of today’s life. Imagine, you are getting late for an important meeting, or there is some medical emergency in your family and you are in a rush and suddenly the gears of your car start acting weird. What would you do at that time if not cursing your vehicle and your destiny?  However, have you ever thought that the villain is the transmission fluid, and your carelessness is behind the crazy behavior of your car? Yes, transmission fluids lubricate the transmission system and other components against timely wear. Sometimes due to carelessness or unawareness about the transmission-fluid-maintenance, it leads to a major disaster.

What are the important signs that your car needs a transmission flush:

Usually, it is not specific to tell when your car needs a transmission flush. Different vehicles perform differently and it actually depends on upon many factors that decide about the need for a transmission flush. Let us discuss some very common symptoms about needing to change the transmission oil.

The car gear slips:

Mainly three reasons can cause the slipping of gears. If the transmission fluid is dirty or, if the dirt or the grunge interrupts the easy flow of a transmission fluid in the car, or the transmission fluid is not full. A gear can perform better when the transmission able to create enough pressure for smoother functioning. When the transmission fluid is dirty, the hydraulic power of the car affects badly because the dirt or contamination in the transmission fluid restricts the obvious flow. In such case, it is compulsory to flush the dirty transmission fluid or refill the transmission fluid to its exact level needed.

Grinding of transmission:

Is your vehicle making horrible noises when you start it? It is the time to check the cause of the strange noise. The reason may be obvious. Either there is dirt in the transmission fluid or the transmission fluid’s level is low. In either of the cases, you need to look for a transmission flush. Now the question persists, how would you recognize that the transmission fluid is dirty or contaminated? It is quite easy. Mostly the fresh transmission oil is having a red color but various other brands have different colors also. Now, when the obvious color of your transmission fluid changes to the dark black, it means that the fluid is full of sludge.

Vehicle Jerk or Stall:

Have you ever felt the jerking of your car without any road bumper as soon as you shift the gear? If yes, when is the last time, you went for the transmission flush? The jerking or stalling of the vehicle is also the symptoms of the dirty transmission fluid and your vehicle needs a transmission flush to deal with the problem. If the car transmission flush is dirty, it restricts the smooth flow of the fluid into the transmission and hence, the vehicle jumps, surges, stalls or delays its movement as soon as you start the car or shift the gear.

The Gear has been shifting problem:

If you often feel that your car’s gear behaves sluggish, this may be due to the contamination in transmission fluids. The symptom is telling you to go for the transmission flush.

The transmission flush does not mean that you need to replace the whole transmission system of your car. It simply means it is the time that you need to take your car to the service center or the gas station, and ask for the change of the transmission fluid. A cautious timely action and a bit of knowledge about your car can help you to protect your vehicle from further chaos. So, next time, when your vehicle acts weird suddenly, do not blame the destiny but be quick to look for the reason and do the safe driving.