How Can Driving With a Bad Tie Rod Affect Your Driving Experience?

A vital part of the steering system, tie rods give direction to the front wheels. If the tie rods break due to one reason or another, you may lose the steering control to direct the car as per your desire. When driving with a bad tie rod, things may go haywire and sometimes not in your favor.

Read on to get an insight as to how a how tie rod can affect your driving experience.

Driving With a Bad Tie Rod – Looking Into the Three Adverse Effects

Tie rods are parts that form a link between the steering wheel and the car’s front tires. These tire rods hook up the steering rack with the steering knuckle on the two front wheels. When you turn the steering wheel, the tie rod ends either push or pull the wheels to force upon a turn.

When driving with a broken tie rod, safety could be one thing you would compromise with. Let’s explore what are the harms if you leave repairing or replacement for later.

1. Wobbly Front Wheels

When you drive at low speeds, everything seems to be fine. But when you suddenly push on the accelerator, and the front wheels start vibrating, things could get messy. This could happen because of a bad or a broken tie rod end.

After effects of driving with a bad tie rod
Be safe while driving with a bad tie rod (Photo Source: kobaded)

Even a small bump could jolt your car when driving with a bad tie rod. Another side effect could be rattling noise that may not sound pleasant to the ears. Send your car for thorough suspension system inspections as soon as you notice changes like vibrations or jolts.

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2. Worn Tires

The tires may become worn out with time. But sometimes more than the time constraint, a bad tie rod could lead to wearing of tires. In case, the tires seem to be unevenly worn, no need to worry as tie rods could be functioning properly. But if the tires are extremely worn out both on the inside and the outside, bad tie rods could be the reason.

When driving with a broken tie rod, things may get wavy which may put pressure on the tires’ quality as well. Look for certified mechanics and get your tie rods and front tires replaced for better stability.

driving with a bad tie rod
Accident Risk with a bad tie rod (Photo Source: driving)

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3. Misaligned Front Tires

The issues with the suspension system, such as a worn out tie rod could lead to front wheel misalignment. You may notice that while you move the steering to the left, the wheels do not seem to oblige. This could be due to misaligned wheels or in simpler terms the lousy tie rods.

When a tie rod loosens, the front wheels would become prone to misalignment. Send your car for the alignment, and you could refer to maintenance tips for aligning suggestions.


You should know that your safety is entirely in your hands. When driving with a bad tie rod, things could fall out of your hands. Ignoring would not help you anyway. Fix the problem while you have time and ensure precise twists and turns on your next drive.