Why is My Car Making a Tire Noise After Rotation

Have you ever observed your car wheels making a weird noise after being rotated? Does this squeak increase and decrease according to speed? There are several reasons why your vehicle is making that infuriating tire noise after rotation. Some people make a big mistake of taking these squeaks and squeals for granted thinking it as a minor fault. But, they are not aware that this minor concern could lead to a huge demolition if you don’t treat it immediately.

To enlighten you about the reasons for this tire noise after rotation, we have put together a quick guide. It will help you to know the real cause of the problem and will recommend you the best possible solution to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Car is Making Tire Noise After Rotation

Various factors can lead to annoying tire noise when driving. Oftentimes, this noise is just air being condensed in the tire treads. Different tread designs produce different levels of noise. However, if the noise gets louder over time, then possibly there is an issue with your tires and wheels.

Here are a few reasons that can cause tire noises after rotation.

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1: Stiffed Wheel

tire noise after rotation
tire noise after rotation can be a noise from your car tires due alignment issues

One of the possible reasons why your tire is making such noise after rotation is the excessive tightening of the wheel when you did the final lug. It’s always advisable to never over tighten your car tires. Instead, you can use a torque wrench to ensure that everything is secure enough not to fall apart.

2: Alignment Problem

Another possible reason for the humming noise from your car tires can be alignment issues. Having your tires in the same position for a long period could cause some fault on its end. The moment you move, the air chamber produces a low purring or drumming sound. If your car is unsettled for a wheel alignment, then you’ll start to experience a bumpier ride. This will cause uneven tire movement and generates blare from the air chamber.

3: Old and Shabby Tires

tire noise after rotation
tire noise after rotation of your car tires is its age

The leading cause of that annoying sound from your car tires is its age. If you haven’t replaced your tire in a whilst, then don’t be staggered that it makes a strange noise after rotation. Over time and with high usage, tire treads begin to break down. This simply means you need to buy new tires for your trucks and cars before some major issue takes place.

4: Bad Wheel Bearing

A bad wheel bearing is one of the more solemn concerns that cause tire noise. When the wheel bearing in your tires is deteriorating or damaging, it produces a soft purring sound or grinding noise whenever you change ways. According to maintenance tips by car experts, it’s best to have the wheel bearings replaced as soon as possible to avert excessive collisions and damage.

So, now you are aware of all the legitimate reasons for the tire noise after rotation. Next time, if you experience such annoying tire noise, you may need to have a professional inspect and repair your vehicle.