Disc Brakes Materials – The Working Concept Of A Disc Break And Its Types

The brake used in most of the cars these days is a disc brake. The mechanism uses calipers that stay responsible for slowing down the movement of a vehicle. A car uses two to four calipers, and the number depends on the rotors; two rotors mean two calipers and the same applies for four. Among the disc brakes materials, cast iron is the one that is used most commonly because of its right amount of friction and rigidness. Here we would discuss the different materials used in the disc brake manufacturing and the types of the disc brake.

Knowing Different Disc Brakes Materials

There is no universal material when it comes to manufacturing of the disc brakes. However, ‘cast iron’ remains as something popular that take place as the primary component in the creation of disc brakes. When it is about the cars, then it is the cast iron else steel also comes in use but that for two-wheelers.

On ‘what are disc brakes made of’ carbon and ceramics blend can be used too that comes with the temperature bearing property. The blend comes useful when the vehicle remains speedy, and you make the brake happen.

The more speed means the more fiction and higher amount of temperature. Thus, different materials or different blends take place as per the requirement and the manufacturer.

How Does A Disc Brake Work?

A disc brake consists of calipers that apply pressure on the pair of pads. These pads remain attached against the rotor or the disc, and the pressure creates the friction which eventually slows down the vehicle.

In the visual form, when you apply pressure on the brake pedal, the fluid (hydraulic oil) gets to the caliper. Further, this fluid goes to the piston of the caliper that applies pressure to the brake pads that stay attached against the rotor. The force that goes through the master cylinder to the internal system makes the vehicle slow down or stops on its way.

A disc brake system consists of different parts:

  • The circular disc itself

  • The caliper with hydraulic pistons

  • A pair of brake pads

  • And the bleed screw

Myths About disc brakes materials
There are four parts within the break

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Types Of The Disc Brakes

Let’s get to know the different types of disc brakes in the automobile industry. Furthermore, you can always explore the ‘Maintenance Tips’ section and preserve your vehicle in an excellent manner.

1. Single Piston

It is used in two wheelers where single piston works to create friction and stops the vehicle. The mechanism takes place on the push of the brake that makes the oil thrust the piston that further makes the pad rub the disc and take the ‘Stop’ action. The disc brakes materials remain as steel for this type.

2. Twin Piston

Like its name, the system is more common in cars where the mechanism remains the same except that the system contains two pistons.

3. Twin Caliper

The twin caliper is commonly used in luxurious cars where instead of one caliper the manufacturers use twin calipers making the process more efficient.

Complete Guide About disc brakes materials
Luxury cars like this often have twin caliper

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The Verdict

For the disc brakes materials, cast iron, steel, a blend of carbon and ceramics come in use. However, a ventilated disc is another innovative concept that makes the kinetic energy heat, and by using the ventilation, the heat passes which keeps the system cool and enhances the brake’s life.