5 Most Common Summer Car Breakdowns Problems

The majority of car owners do not realize that the real trouble for your car begins when hot summers approach. The sun with the heated wind is highly destructive for your car if the right precautions are not taken on time. In this blog, we will help you know some common summer car problems, which take a toll on your vehicle’s health.

The Most Common Summer Car Breakdowns Problems

It might sound easy to put off car maintenance for a while; it would not help stop a minor issue with your car from turning into a major one. We will help you understand the most common problems affecting your car’s performance during the summer season. You can browse online to find the best maintenance tips for your vehicle for all seasons.

1. Overheated Engine

The temperature reaches an all-time high during summers, and it is not just you who feels the heat. Your car can get extremely hot even to sit inside, let alone take it on a drive. The vehicles come with a coolant system, which helps cool down the engine, however hot weather means the coolant would have to work harder than it usually does. It means that even the slightest weak spot in the seal can lead to a disastrous situation.

Your car can get extremely hot even to sit inside, let alone take it on a drive. Cre: Shutterstock

A common mistake that car owners commit is occasionally topping up the coolant of the car, as there is not enough of a leak. We recommend that you check the car coolant level regularly. An overheated engine is among not only common summer car breakdowns problems but also a disaster waiting to happen.


2. Worn Out Clutch

The clutch in your car would not last forever. The first sign of it breaking down is a burning smell. Besides, hot weather conditions also play a role in wearing down the car clutch quickly, when combined with the stop-start nature of the car in slow traffic conditions.

The issue becomes dangerous when the car owners decide to add a caravan or trailer, which puts additional strain on the clutch. When one chooses to explore the rough surface, the clutch will start to deteriorate. To avoid the wearing down of the clutch, you need to look out for some signs. If your car shudders when you try to pull back and lift the clutch, know that the clutch is wearing down. In short, it is time to visit a car expert to resolve the issue.

3. Tires

Summers are also the time when you decide to take the kids out on a family picnic or trip. You also travel a longer distance. One of the most common car problems during summers includes tire blowouts, which one can check in advance to sort the issue. You need to understand that high temperature does not cause fresh tire failure, but aggravates any previous damage, which gets worse with inflation. With inflation, the level of friction increases when the tire comes in contact with a heated road.

One of the most common car problems during summers includes tire blowouts, which one can check in advance to sort the issue. Source: GETTY IMAGES

If the car tire has any cracks under its rubber or low pressure, it should signal that the tire has a puncture or the need for replacement. You should make sure to check the pressure in advance to ensure zero tire issues during the journey.

4. Fuel Leak

The fuel leak can happen when the summer comes. It can be explained by the chemical interaction. The evaporation happens when the weather is hot so the heat causes the liquid fuel in your tank to vaporize. The trapped vapor causes the pressure in the fuel tank to rise. Cars are designed to allow this excess pressure to escape through a system of hoses where it is held until your car engine needs to use it. 

The fuel leak can happen when the summer comes. Source: Autoportal

If there is a cracked hose in the system, the vaporized fuel leaks resulting in low gas mileage. You can check the engine light, if you see it is on, it must be the result of the fuel leak. If it happens, take your car to the auto repair shop. The specialist can sort out for you in a jiffy to have your car up and running in no time at all.

5. Car Battery

Thinking about battery, many people think that it is possible for the car to be weaker only in the winter. But in the deep, it will also happen in the summer. To keep your engine cool, the battery has to work harder than usual. If there’s a malfunction in any of the battery’s components, it reduces its efficiency.

It is possible to have the battery which can be weaker during the summer. Source: Philkotse

Check to make sure that the plastic components aren’t obstructing the flow of air over your battery. Make sure that all parts of your battery are in tip top condition. If not, take your car to the garage for maintenance.

What To Do To Prevent Car Breakdowns ?

The only way to prevent the car breakdown during the summer is taking your car to the garage for maintenance frequently. Not only when your car has problems, but also periodically. Sometimes you can not avoid breakdowns during the summer. At that time, repairing immediately is necessary to save your car.

No matter if it is summer or winter, your car still has a chance to get problems due to the too hot or too cold weather. So drive your car carefully, maintain your car frequently and will have to extend your car lifespan.


Thus, when you decide to take the family out for a summer picnic in the car; make sure that you check for any common summer car breakdowns problems. 

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