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Common Dead Battery Symptoms

Common Dead Battery Symptoms
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If you know the commonest dead battery symptoms before a long journey, your trip would not be interrupted by a surprise battery failure. Car battery problems are quite troublesome and unless fixed, could be dead for good. If you see any signs of dead battery, you should ask your mechanic what to do next. When replacing a problematic battery, you should keep in mind the advices regarding car battery maintenance. This is how you can tackle car battery problems and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. This article sheds some light on dead battery symptoms to help you check and replace them.

Slow Engine Crank

Whenever you try to start your car, the battery consumes a lot of power. There is an alternator shifts the power supplied to start the engine to the electronic accessories in the car. But at the beginning, the battery is the sole component that starts the engine when you insert key in the ignition. A weak battery will take more time to start the engine, so the engine will crack quite slowly. You should notice such an anomaly as it could be the last crank before the engine refuses to crank for good. If the engine doesn’t start at all, you will hear rapid clicking noise. It means the battery is too low on power.

Issues With Electrical Components

The duty of a car battery is just not starting the engine. It also needs enough juice left to run the electronic accessories in the car. In modern cars, electronic accessories are aplenty. So, the battery is the sole force that keeps them all going.

If one of these accessories in your vehicle starts functioning erratically, check for disruption in power supply due to dirty terminals. If it is all clear, then, consider replacing the battery. Also, notice what happens when you start an accessory when another was running. For instance, if you see the headlight going dim when you start the radio, it clearly indicates it’s time for a change.

Common dead battery symptoms

Dashboard Warning Light

Dashboard light is the easiest way to monitor your battery’s physical condition. If the battery malfunctioned, the light will turn on. It’s similar to the check engine light, this also indicates an issue with the battery or any component connected to it.

Swollen Battery Case

A car battery is nothing but a blend of different chemicals cased in a box. As a car’s battery is exposed to excessive heat or cold, the case may be swollen or bulged. If your car sits idle during winter, the battery may freeze and eventually be dead.

Old Age

The standard lifespan of a car battery is 4-5 years. But this may vary depending on the length of car battery maintenance, and exposure to heat and cold. To be sure of your battery’s status, have your battery checked in the 4th year of service to see just how much juice left. If any signs of car battery problems appear, make sure to replace it.

Weird Smell

When a battery is in a dire state after being overcharged or freeze, a foul odor may come out owing to vented gas. Often the gas might smell like rotten eggs. As soon as you detect such a stench under the hood, have the battery removed and have the surrounding components checked, to see if the sulfuric acid has done damage to any other parts of the engine.


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