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Car Wheel Alignment vs Tire Rotation Pattern

Car Wheel Alignment vs Tire Rotation Pattern
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People often confuse between car wheel alignment and tire rotation. The idea of wheel balancing is shadowy to them from the very beginning. When you have a lack of understanding, it may result in severe damage to your vehicle. This article shows light on the basic difference.

wheel balancing

Car Tire Rotation

Moving the tires and wheels is what tire rotation primarily does. It uses the tires. Weight distribution in a car varies from front to end. Rear wheel drives draw it from back, whereas front wheel drives do the same thing from the front. This wheel balancing is done to ensure a safe driving experience.

Car Wheel Alignment

On the other side of the wheel balancing segment, wheel alignment dictates how the wheels line up with the steering wheel. We can realize its significance when a car, instead of moving straight, changes lane from right to left and vice versa. You need to maintain the proper alignment while driving, or else, it will damage your car, and result in a premature wheel replacement.


Perhaps the biggest contrast between the two is that tire rotation must be done after a definite time. The exact time is dependent on the manufacturer of the tire and car. A wheel alignment is not necessary unless your auto shows all or some of the warning signs of being out of line. The other major difference is that lack of rotation won’t do that much damage to your car, as it happens when the wheel alignment is not appropriate.


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  1. emily bennette says

    I like that you had a diagram to show you what is wrong with wheels. That is a good thing to be aware of when you want to keep your car in good shape. After all, not properly aligned wheels can really damage your car.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you. We will provide more useful information like this. Stay tuned

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