Why Does a Car Stalls After Starting?

Car stalling does give a bit of scare after starting or while a person is driving. Because encountering this problem on a highway or in the traffic can land anyone in a dangerous situation like a car accident.

Therefore, it is essential to follow certain maintenance tips that can avoid such issues and mishappening. And in this regard, firstly let us explore why car stalls after starting.

What Causes a Car Stall After Starting?

While going to the office or on a long trip, people rely on their vehicle with the belief that they would reach their destination without confronting any interruption or hindrance. However, this faith in the vehicle disappears, when the engine stalls while driving. There are ample of vehicle problems that cause stalling. Some of them are,

1. Inappropriate Air Supply

For the engine combustion, the adequate supply of filtered air along with the fuel is necessary. In fact, 15parts of air is required for 1 part of gasoline. Therefore, if the engine doesn’t get enough air supply through the Manifold Air Pressure Sensor then, this would cause the engine to run on over-fuel. Or, if the supply of air is high, the engine would run too slow. Thus, both the conditions are responsible for causing the engine to stall.

2. Poor Fuel Quality

The supply of poor quality fuel can cause the inefficient combustion process of the engine. This occurs because of the water or certain other contaminants present in the fuel. Consequently, the spark plug isn’t able to ignite the fuel in the engine that causes the car to stumble. Moreover, if ignored, it can become a major cause of misfire in the vehicle.

Car stalls after starting due to Poor Fuel Quality
Poor Fuel Quality is one of the reason why car stalls after starting. © Mark Bramley

3. Dead or Bad Car Battery

People believe that the car would not run if the car’s battery were dead. However, the reality is, if the car battery turns bad then, it can increase the risk of car stalls after starting. This may occur because of the alternator working too hard to keep the engine running. As the battery won’t be able to generate enough power for the engine to start. So, this would add more stress to the engine resulting in the car to stall out.

Or, if the battery terminals are not cleaned or have corroded then also, the battery won’t be able to supply enough voltage to the electrical system of the car. This may further lead the intermittent or short out problems with the battery, if not charged or replaced, timely.

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4. Electrical Wiring Problem

Vehicles these days have a modern controlling system. From air-conditioning to engine control, every other communication between the vehicle modules takes place via this wiring system only. So, if these wires are not connected properly or start corroding then, it indicates the help required of a trained technician. Otherwise, the engine may stall, as the system’s modules won’t be aware of each other’s activity.

Car stalls after starting isues
Car stalls after starting due to Electrical Wiring Problem. Source: FutureCar

Hence, knowing about these common car stalls after starting problems, anyone can now keep a check on their vehicle’s status. And, if required can take it to the trained technician for resolving the problem before it causes the engine failure.