Factors that Affect Car Handling & Tips to Improve

Several factors affect car handling. It involves the movement of the vehicle on the road as well as the manner in which it handles curves and swerving. An efficient car is good at handling or else there are chances of control loss. A car must be exceptional at handling to drive smoothly and avoid accidents.

Factors Affecting Your Car Handling

There is a range of factors responsible for car handling. Here are some popular ones:

1. Improper Suspension

Suspension plays an important role. It keeps the tires on the road all the time even on bumpy rides. The car must not run out of ‘suspension travel’ – which is the total distance between the top and the bottom. Keeping the appropriate space between the two is crucial or else the car will lose control.

2. Wrong Tires

Most standard tires for cars are not big and soft, usually, come along with them. If you want to increase a car’s handling, high-performance tires are what you need. However, make sure that there is tread on such tires, as less tread offers less fraction leading to bad handling.

3. Poor Shock Absorbers

Car handling tips
Poor car handling due to Shock Absorbers. Source: Amazon


One main the main factors that affect car handling is poor shock absorbers. Absorbers relate to absorbing energy, which the car produces while driving. With poor shocks, the car will incur more up sprung weight – no good for road handling. Do change them if they are not working properly.

Tips to Improve Car Handling

Driving safely should be your key priority and thus, here are a few maintenance tips for better road handling.

1. Improve Car Suspension

Factors that improves car handling
Poor Car Suspension effects car handling. Source: CAR Magazine

At first, overhaul the suspension of the car. For this, you need to cover three important levels of repairing to start with. It is imperative to take into account all the three aspects.

Lower the Springs

The center of gravity is very important for the car for making it fast in round corners. With a lower corner, it will easily handle the round shape bend. The best way to do this is fit lowering springs.


Coilovers offer the extra bit of control to balance the car handling. With height adjustable suspension, coilovers are perfect for tuning projects. For an ultimate handling setup, a good level adjustability is what you need.

Sports Suspension Kit

To fix the lowering springs properly, the best way is to fit a replacement kit. The good thing is that most kits come with a ready-to-fit facility and these are easier to fit too. Its benefit includes car getting faster on the road due to reduced body roll.

2. Re-align Your Wheels

To enjoy a comfortable ride, vehicles manufactures put a lot of hard work. But over the time, bearing rough roads, potholes, etc. wheel alignment is eventually disturbed. Bad precise of the tires foul up the car’s handling condition, increases fuel consumption, etc. Therefore, wheel-alignment is essential. Take your car to a professional automobile mechanic to help re-align the tires.

In order to drive smoothly and comfortably, keep your car handling in its best condition.