Car Security Tips – Inexpensive Yet Effective Ones to Try Now!

You won’t ever want your car stolen or harmed in any way. That is why a car owner should always take some essential security measures to keep it strong against odds. These days, there are different tools for car protection, and ordering them at your doorstep is so easy. Let’s get to know what these car security tips and tools are so you can impose high-security standards for your automobile.

Car Security Tips: Different Tips and How Do They Work

Every 15 seconds, a car gets stolen, so the car’s security is more important than ever. Don’t be a victim; instead, dominate your car safety and take the lead. Here are your car security tips

Car Alarm

A car alarm is not just a thing limited to movies, it is the need of the time, and one primary security tool that is a must-have.

If you have a modern car, more likely you have the alarm already, but if you don’t consider purchasing one. The alarm on any detection blows off piercing sound and flashlights all around that scares the hell out of the thief.

Even though it doesn’t completely secure a car against theft, in most cases, it does.

Car security tips
Car alarm is effective in warning car owner about theft. Source: Electrek


Car Tracking Systems

You need a transmitter to be hidden in your car, so the vehicle gets stolen, you can track it. You can choose between GPS and VHF where GPS lets you find the street-level information, and VHF goes even deeper such as if it is hidden somewhere. This may be an expense, but it is totally worth it when you compare it to your car’s value.

Car Immobilizer

Car immobilizer keeps the car from starting if there is no key or if the system tracks any kind of malfunctioning in the key. However, a vehicle can be started even with the presence of this tool, but that step takes time, and that extra time can save you many times.

Also, older cars need immobilizer separately since it is not pre-equipped.

Always Lock Your Car

Okay, this is more like a normal tip, but still, most car owners forget locking their car. Even if you have to walk past that road to that supermarket, petrol station, or something, always lock your car and then proceed.

Those who are professional thieves need just this much of time to pass all the valuables from your vehicles and sometimes your vehicle too. so as long as you are unbothered by any of the risks, always use a car locking mechanism.

Tip: Do not leave sunroof or moonroof open!

Car security tips
Use car locking system and save your car from theft. Credit: pastie / Getty Images

Steering and Handbrake Locks

Make stealing your car difficult like hell by using those handbrake and steering locks. Thieves easily identify these security things, and they would get an idea quickly that you are aware enough about your car’s security, and messing up with these brakes would be time-consuming.

So when an intruder sees these things inside, he knows it is not going to be an easy steal, and he leaves it. Explore some more Maintenance Tips here and have even more ideas on keeping your car safe.


These are some car security tips that can save you many times. There are a lot more instruments out there that you can buy and employ toward your car security as per your convenience and budget.