Can You Drive A Car With Bad Motor Mount?

Engine mounts are parts of an engine that secure the engine to the chassis or frame of a vehicle. Different vehicles feature different forms of mounts but eventually they all serve the same purpose. However, regular usages make these mounts wear off or they lose their ability to clutch the chassis. As a result, the mounts fail on serving their purpose and your vehicle starts encountering several issues while driving. Well, identifying the symptoms can make you have a check on the engine so you treat the issue timely. Today, we will get to know what these symptoms can be so you can take your car to a professional repair shop whenever you think it is a bad motor mount.

Results Of A Bad Motor Mount

Before we head to the symptoms, let’s understand what happens when the motor mounts malfunction.

1. It Causes Damage To Engine And Transmission

Motor mounts hold the engine and the vehicle’s structure in place. Loose mounts do not hold the frame well, and as a result, the engine and transmission do not stay in place. It makes both of these parts to strike with other components and the overall situation puts stress on the movement. Overheating takes place too; leaving the bad motor mount uncured makes the matter even worse.

2. Additional Damage

Almost every part gets affected when the link between the engine and the frame becomes wobbly. Without a proper grip of the mounts, the motor moves freely and farther than it is supposed to. This movement puts other components on stress and they get damaged in the process. Such as brake lines may fail, the exhaust system gets affected, and the overall driving experience gets ruined.

bad motor mount - what do you need to know now`
Without a proper grip of the mounts, the motor moves freely and farther than it is supposed to (Photo Source: yourautomaster)

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Symptoms of the Bad Motor Mount

Whenever the mounts malfunction, the issue can be identified by having a look at the symptoms. Make sure you read throughout these symptoms and observe the same behavior with your car.

1. Noises While Driving

While driving, if you experience noises coming from the engine, it can be a sign that the mounts have a loose grip on the frame. The intensity of noise depends on the level of malfunctioning; the more damaged or worn off the mounts are the more squeaking-like sounds you hear.

2. Experiencing Odd Vibrations

Absorbing the vibration while the vehicle is in the run is one of the functions of the mounts. When the mounts wear off, the absorption weakens and hence you experience more vibration than usual. Not just on the driver’s seat but the passengers’ room as well, the vibration can be felt, and with time, it becomes annoying.

3. Weird Engine Movement

When the mounts can’t hold the engine firmly, the engine moves in the bay forward and backward. This unnecessary sliding feels while driving the car. The sliding also goes side to side and it can be accompanied by noises as well. So, if you have a query about ‘can you drive with bad motor mounts’ then the answer is you can but the driving experience is not going to be any smooth.

4. Damaged Belts And Hoses

Other than all these symptoms, you may also encounter broken or damaged hoses and fan belts. The damage takes place as a result of sliding engine parts which goes to a further level at high speeds.

bad motor mount - what should you know about it
You may also encounter broken or damaged hoses and fan belts (Photo Source: carcarehunt)

Can You Drive A Car With Malfunctioning Mounts?

Motor mounts on all vehicles are manufactured in a way that can make you ride the car even when the mounts get loosened. The mounts contain the rubber parts that are responsible for absorbing the vibrations. With time, lots of wear and tear happens that makes the mounts drop their power to grip the chassis.

When the mounts lose the rubber part, they still hold the frame well except they do not absorb the shock or vibration. This way, driving with the mounts with no rubber is possible but the driving experience does not stay the same. How often you should put air in the tires, know here Maintenance Tips.

The driving can be carried on until these mounts wear off further and lose their ability to grip the frame. At this point, you should take the car to professionals and access the repairs for the worn parts. Have the entire engine and transmission checked for any damage and get the handling accordingly.

bad motor mount - everything
The mounts contain the rubber parts that are responsible for absorbing the vibrations(Photo Source: cars)


A bad motor mount can mean several things such as mounts that have loosened the rubber part only and the mounts that start loosening their clutch ability as well.

Based on the symptoms, you can decide the severity of the case and whether you should go for a car repair or not. However, it is always recommended to take your car for repair and make sure no components are damaged.

Get the mounts repaired timely so you do not end up spending bucks unnecessarily in future.