Buying a Used Minivan: Is the Car Really Worth Buying?

You don’t have to go dubious anymore with that used car. There are tips for buying a used minivan by which you can have a thorough inspection of what exactly you are investing your money in.

From expensive automobiles to economical, this guide is for every car out there. The features, however, vary as per the brand and model you opt for. The big picture remains the same for every vehicle.

Buying a Used Minivan: The Important Aspects to Verify

You don’t have to be lucky to find a well-working used car. Implement your research skills as per these tips, and you are good to go.

Start With Searching the Model

While buying a used minivan, you should first start with reading about that car. Know how much successfully it made its presence in the market. Get to know the reliability score of the vehicle as per the consumer’s report. There are lists on the internet that represent the best and worst models from a particular brand. Make sure the model lies in the reliable and durable vehicles category.

Inspect the Exterior

The next thing you can do is checking the exterior. Have a look at the body and search for scratches, rust, dents, and the paint color. Use the magnet on the parts where you think the body filler is used. If the magnet does not stick, the filler is there!

You can expect a few scratches of some paint getting off as it is the used car you are dealing with. Go to the doors and check for the panels if they close and open properly. Look for any loose hinges or any seal that seems to be tearing apart.

buying a used minivan - how to do it?
Buying a used minivan – explained (Photo Source: hdnicewallpapers)


Check out all the glasses and mirrors, and if they slide well. Make sure all the lights work well and do have a check on the tires. Tires can tell a lot about a vehicle! Check if the tires are originals or they are replaced. All four tires should be the same; however, you can always change the tires as a part of the deal or individually.

Observe the tread on the tire as it should be even on all the sides. Tires that have more tread wear on the outer side have been used for rush driving.

Similarly, uneven tread wear depicts the problem with the steering, suspension, or brakes.

Get to the Interior 

The interior should be observed more carefully as they ensure the overall driving comfort. The floor mat should not be wet, and there should not be any odor such as musty or smoke. If you smell something weird but do not know what, it is okay to leave the car.

Check the upholstery, belts, airbags, and all the components you can have your eyes on. Try being in the driving position and see how comfortable it feels. Overall, the car should feel the right one to invest in.

buying a used minivan - the right way
buying a used minivan- here is the guide (Photo Source: family-auto)

Check those pedals for the brake, clutch, and gas; everything should work fine without getting stuck. Turn on the car and feel the engine roaring, get to the engine management system and check if it indicates any problem.

When buying a used minivan Inspect the other units such as the heater and the AC and notice how fast and effectively they work. Switch on the sound system as it should work fine without any noise. Once you are satisfied with the quality on the interior, move onto other aspects.

Time to Be Under the Hood

An engine and its components should never be left unchecked. Watch for all those hoses and wires as nothing should be leaky or broken or mushy. Get to the battery and watch for the corrosion. There should be no oil that is splashed around; however, you should avoid dust and dirt accumulation. Keep all the car issues at bay by checking the maintenance tips.

There should be no greenish stains on the radiator as they depict the pinhole leaks. It is okay to see a coolant that is greenish or orange, but it should not be milky or rusty.

At Last, Opt For a Mechanic

When you are done observing the overall vehicle yourself, it is time to go for a mechanic. Take your vehicle to any individual mechanic shop and ask them for a complete inspection. This way, along with other aspects, the area under the car would be checked too.

buying a used minivan - the actual way
buying a used minivan (Photo Source: fixours)

Make a list of all the defects the repairer tells, and discuss it with the car owner. The issues can be fixed before you go for the final purchase or you can spend on the repairs yourself if you are comfortable.


Do check the built-in charge indicator of the battery while buying a used minivan. A green indicator means the battery is in good condition, whereas a yellow or black indicator means it has been working too hard. Have suggestions about buying the car from your mechanic, and you will get a clearer opinion about it.