How To Buy A Used Car In Kenya: Don’t Miss These Steps!

Buying a new car is a practical decision, but second-hand cars are the only choice for many people, especially for young drivers and people on a budget. It is also a good way to cut costs if it is your first car, since most vehicles depreciate approximately 15% to 20% each year during the first five years. But you need to know how to buy a used car in Kenya because there is a high chance of scamming if you are not careful.

How To Buy A Used Car In Kenya

Finding a used car in Kenya is easy because of many websites, classified ads, and social media pages. However, purchasing requires caution and verifying documents to make sure that the seller is authentic and the deal is legit.

Follow all these necessary steps when you are going to buy a car in Kenya to avoid tricksters and losing money.

1. Documents The Seller Should Provide

The seller has to provide the ‘Certificate of Clearance Status’ for selling a used car in Kenya. The document, which allows the buyer to transfer the Registration Certificate to their name, has to be less than 15 days old.

buy a car in kenya
Check the authenticity of the ownership. (Photo Source: toptut)


You can also ask for a copy of the Original Logbook as a proof of the ownership. You can check the car’s history, including its true ownership on the Online Logbook Car Search website. Just put the registration number and the necessary information will be available. Never trusts a seller with only an NOC because it is easy to falsify the document.

2. Check The Vehicle’s Physical Status

This is an important step in how to buy a used car in Kenya operation. Ask the seller to provide the service book and invoices. Find out whether they had done the necessary repairs and followed the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules. To eliminate the risk of fake invoices, call the garages to validate the seller’s words.

Also, hire a mechanic to check the car thoroughly, finding any mechanical issues.

3. Sales Documents

There should be a Car Sales Agreement Contract that contains necessary information about the deal and the signs of the seller, buyer, and a witness. As the buyer, get a copy of the car owner’s ID card and PIN number. The seller should start off the process of an Online Transfer of Ownership on the NTSA TIMS portal.

how to buy a used car in kenya
Be careful about the documents. (Photo Source: flickr)

4. The Payments

Always pay the seller through a bank transfer to get a receipt as a proof of payment. It will save you some hassles if the deal goes wrong. You will also have to pay the Purchase Tax and Transfer Fees using the TIMS Online portal.

5. Apply For The Insurance

The last stage of how to buy a used car in Kenya. You should get insurance for a second-hand car because it is under a greater risk of damage than a new vehicle. There are several companies that offer the service and always compare the rates to get the best policy.