Brake Noise Detection for a Proper Diagnosis

Depending on a particular brake noise, it is possible to know what’s wrong with your brake. Abnormal brake noise means there is something wrong with your car’s brake system. Oftentimes, drivers ignore minor irregularities and noises. It may eventually lead to expensive repairs or permanent damages. So, you should not ignore noisy brakes at any time.

Squeaky brakes mean your car’s brake has probably malfunctioned, and it may not work when you must stop the car during an emergency. It may lead to accidents that could often be fatal.

Brake Noise Detection


Brake rattle is a common problem in a car. In most of the cases, you hear a brake rattle as you let off the pedal. It almost sounds like shaking a can containing spray paint. Brake pads can rattle owing to too much heat exhaustion. If you hear rattling, contact a mechanic to have your car checked.


Brake Grinding

Brake grinding is the second common problem on the list of noisy brakes. It is more severe than a rattling, so it asks for immediate measures as well. If you hear brake noises, like brake grinding, when pressing the pedal, there must be something wrong with your car’s rotor disc and the caliper. When the rotors are brake pads are extremely worn out, this kind of noise occurs.

If you don’t fix the brake framework, it may result in expensive repair works. When the vehicle is running, try to hear if there are any screeching or grinding noises.   


Brake Fade

Another example of squealing brakes. This type of noise usually occurs when the brake is overheated. You need to put extra effort to generate same stopping power, during a brake fade. However, following the “engine braking” techniques can do a wonder.

The lower gear function is an efficient way to handle this problem. If it seems like out of control, just pull back and wait a few minutes for the brakes to cool down. A pressure check can identify what’s wrong with the hydraulics. You can easily perform a hydraulic check, just by pressing the pedals a few times. Before performing this, stop the car engine completely. Every pump should make the pedal firm, and the mushiness should go away completely.

Here we have discussed some of the commonest squeaky brakes. If you can’t fix them on your own, meet a mechanic nearby and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may cost you both time and money.


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