Is Brake Drum Replacement Cost Expensive?

Brake drum replacement cost is quite expensive, in comparison to other repairs. Though a brake drum replacement cost is higher than what you thought, there is no way to postpone such a crucial repair work. In the long run, such delaying will cost you more money. Besides the monetary loss, safety issues may lead to fatal accidents, too.

What Is a Brake Drum?

Is Brake Drum Replacement Cost Expensive?

Iron is mostly used to manufacture brake drums. One side of the drum remains in contact with brake shoes. As time goes by, the brake drum in your car starts wearing out. And whenever you replace brake shoes, you need to machine the brake drum properly to ensure a smooth surface for the shoes. The maximum diameter specification is visible on the outside of the brake drum. You need to machine the new drum following this exact measurement.

How Much Does Brake Drum Replacement Cost?

Brake replacement cost could be a bit high. Depending on the vehicle you drive the expense may vary, but, in general, it should not cost you more than $500. And if you can accomplish the replacement job at home, it will cost you roughly $150. Brake drum replacement is tricky, so do not attempt it unless you have had previous experience of doing a similar task. Leave it to the professionals if you have confusion.

General Tips For A Brake Drum Replacement

If you are going to have the brake drum replaced by an auto repair shop, then look for a reputable shop. Online reviews are a great way find a suitable shop. Ask them for a list containing costs of parts and servicing. Set a price limit and mention that anything above that must be consulted with you, beforehand.

Although replacing a brake drum is expensive, you don’t need to spend behind it for more than 2-3 times during the lifespan of your car.


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