Performing A Car Hail Damage Repair

Hailstorms can hit your car anytime, anywhere and leave scratches and marks on the surface of the car. A car hail damage repair is not something easy; you may have to spend a handsome sum to mend those brazening damages. Most of the tome you will have to go to a mechanic for car hail damage repair. Car hail damage is the most visible in areas like the trunk, hood and roof. Here are some tips that can help you fix car damage from hail.


Dry Ice + The Sun + Hair Dryer = Probable Results

It is a common practice to remove small dents. The increasing heat is likely to expand, and, therefore, pop the dents out. The longer you keep your car under the sun, the more you can expect this technique to work. Use a leather or plastic conditioner to save the interior from a rising temperature. If required, use both conditioners at the same time.

To concentrate the heat in a specific area, use a hair dryer in projection with the sun. It is particularly effective when the heat is not strong on a day. Project the dryer to an area in two minutes intervals, until the dents come out. Maintain 2-4 inches of gap between the lip of the dryer and the surface throughout the process.

If the dents seem to be tougher than what you expected, use dry ice. As the temperature sharply rises, the expanding metal is more likely to push the dent out.

Performing A Car Hail Damage Repair

Car Dent Repair Kits = Expected Results

A dent repair kit may help a great deal for a smaller dent. You can get a kit from an auto parts shop near you. Such a kit doesn’t cost more than $40. They kit usually comes with a knockdown tool and glue gun. However, you should not apply the kit to a larger and deeper dent. It may cause more harm than any good.


Professional Service = Sure Results

The steps above should rid your car of minor car hail damage. But a severely damaged surface needs be fixed by an auto body shop. The same goes for deeper dents, too. Though a hail damage car repair service is not expensive, you should always compare the prices offered at other shops. Thus, assess the different packages for the hail damage car repair service and see which one suits you the best.


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