Which Are the Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma?

Being a proud owner of a Toyota Tacoma, you might be curious about the best tires for Toyota Tacoma. The car coming out of the dealer’s shop will have balanced tires that offer the right amount of tread, fuel economy, and high-performance. However, your priority may change over time, and you may eventually look for off-road tires. Also, you may want to get something cheaper to get the best value-for-money deal.

Advantages of Toyota Tacoma Tires

If you can choose the best tires for your Tacoma, they will provide some benefits that mismatched tires cannot.


The exact amount of grip on the road is the most crucial feature of the best tires for Toyota Tacoma. For off-road performance, the tires must have good quality traction. High-grade tires meant for traction in Tacoma have advanced technology to push water and snow away from tire tread. These tires are much wider to provide more grip on the pitch or track.

Fuel Efficiency

The best fit Toyota Tacoma tires come with the right size of tire width. It will ensure that the tire is not over-gripping the road. As a result, the car will be able to deliver the best fuel economy.

toyota tacoma tires
Good tires will ensure better fuel efficiency. (Credit: Alexander Migl / Wikimedia Commons)


The finest-level measurement of rubber contact with the road is essential for good car handling. To ensure that, tires meant for Toyota Tacoma come with microscopic-level adjustments. The tires will also deliver the best suspension as they compensate for dips and bumps on the road.

The Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma: Generic Types

There are a couple of tire types based on the terrain condition and weather. You have to choose the one, depending on the roads you drive often and the weather in your area.

Mud Terrain

If you want to use the Tacoma only for off-road driving or hitting the trails, mud tires are the best option. The tread patterns of these tires are extensive and aggressive and the sidewalls come with extra reinforcements.

The tread blocks are larger than the usual tires with more voids. These features ensure the best traction on mud, sand, swamps, mountainous roads, etc.


In addition to normal roads, drivers may also want to drive on trails or non-paved roads. For this, the tires need to have more tread than the usual types.

All-terrain variants deliver larger tread blocks. Additionally, these tires offer more grip on loose gravels, light mud, humid soil, and sand.


These tire types will have balanced features of winter and summer tires. All-season tires will deliver a decent performance and handling, if not the best. Available at a budget price, these are the most suited for daily commuting.


These tires mostly come with an asymmetric tread design and more grooves on tire circumference. Performance tires are for high-speed tracks with the best handling ratings.

Winter or Snow

if you live in a low-temperature area, choosing winter tires will be the best option. These tires have the following qualities:

  • Manufactured from tough rubber
  • Deep grooves in the circumference
  • Grooves and heavy siping channels keep slush and snow away from the tread


These tires have a soft rubber construction. There are deep grooves in the circumference of the tire which channel away water from the tread. Hence, the tire gets a good grip during the rainy season. These tires, however, wear faster than the others.

The Best Picks from the Tire Market

If you looking for high-quality tires that will yield good performance for your Tacoma, consider these options:

1. Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire

Truck drivers from the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Africa rely on Westlake all-season tires for their Toyota Tacoma. They provide the best performance for a budget-conscious owner. They perform equally well on snow-covered roads, muddy tracks, paved highways, and speed tracks. Some of their features are as follows:

  • 14-inch rim diameter
  • Radial construction
  • 195 millimeters width
  • Tread-wear indicator
  • 18.3 pounds
  • T speed rating


2. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

The best all-terrain tires for a Tacoma truck. Manufacturers design the tires in such a way that they provide the best off-road and on-road performance. They come with rugged and extensive tread blocks. The thick rubber types make this variant all-weather compatible tires. Their highlighted features are:

  • The high void all-terrain tread pattern
  • The rubber is cut, tear, and chip-resistant
  • Up to two times more durable and wear-resistant
  • Interlocking tread blocks offer good grip on loose surfaces

3. Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tire

This tire type has suitable features for delivering a smooth and comfortable ride on paved and unpaved roads. The tires have a long service life and save more on your budgets. They come with symmetrical tread for stability, while 3-D sipes enhance grip on the road.


Tires are the most vital parts of any vehicle. Automobile performance, handling, fuel economy, suspension, road safety, and some other factors depend directly on the kind of tires you choose. When shopping for the best tires for Toyota Tacoma, having thorough knowledge about the best options will help you to purchase the one that suits your driving needs.