Tips for Buying Good Used Tires

Buying a used tire can be a right decision for many drivers. When you are on a tight budget and want to save money, or you just need a spare, used car tires are a quite affordable option. However, buying good used tires take certain steps as you need to learn what to look for and what to avoid.

Tips for Buying Used Tires

You have to ensure that your selected tires meet certain criteria. Otherwise, they can fail anytime and cause accidents during driving. So, let’s check out these buying used tires tips:

Tire Age

Detecting the age-related problem in a tire is hard. You should not buy a used tire if there are cracks on the sidewall or between the rims. In fact, you should avoid purchasing a tire that is more than six years old. Check the Tire Identification Number on the side to find the manufacturing year.

good used tires

Tread Depth

A tire with highly worn out tread is practically useless because it will fail or blow out after a few rides. A tire with an average size should have a depth of 6/32 inches while it should be 4/32 inches for a 13-14 inches tire.
You can use a penny to measure the depth of the tread. Insert the penny into the tread grooves, and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tire is too worn.

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Tire Wear

Good used tires should be free from any visible wear and tear. Examine the tread surfaces carefully to see if they have any uneven wear. Don’t make a purchase if any part of the cords is visible.

Patches and Damage

Avoid tires that have gone through too many repair work. Even if serviced properly, a tire with punctures close to the sidewall or a large hole or cut is always a risky business. Besides, check the inside of the tire too to see if it has any worn out rubber, exposed cords, or any ring around the inner liner.

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Belt Separation

The steel belts of a tire can be separated from the rubber if it experiences any hard bump or crashes into something while driving. So, check if there is any ripple, bump, or any damage on the sidewall and tread that may signal a belt separation.

Find a Good Dealer

Unlike the new tire industry, the market for used tires doesn’t have strict rules and regulations. So, another way of finding good used tires is to buy them from a trustworthy and reputable dealer.

It’s not easy to tell if a tire is good or bad just by looking at it. It may look good, but have significant problems on the inside. In that case, a dealer you can trust can offer you good used tires for sale. Such shops have trained service technicians who test and inspect all the old tires carefully.