Automotive Touch Up Paint – The Right Way To Use It

A car wears off the paint when used for a few years. You may notice the chips or the surface of the paint coming off. Well, when the paint gets peeled off, it is time that you should look for the automotive touch up paint. In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can use the touch up paint and make your car look brand new again.

The Complete Instructional Guide On Using Automotive Touch Up Paint

It is completely normal to see those sides or edges without paint. However, the paint does not get completely off that you should go for a new paint job. Also, getting your car fully painted charges you more than fixing those flaws with the touch up paint. Let’s see how you can do it right-

1. Clearing Out The Surface

Before you get the automotive touch up paint and do the job, make sure you have deep cleaned all those spots having chips. Painting these spots without cleaning the area will make the paint come off in a few days and it does not give any tidy look at all.

automotive touch up paint- the right way
Remember to deep cleaned all those spots having chips (Photo Source: youtube)

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Get a clean cloth, soap, and water and clean all the area you are supposed to use the paint on. If you find any rust while cleaning, make sure to remove it using a sand paper. Prepare your car to be painted by drying the area afterwards using a dry cloth.

In the next step, take the wax and grease and apply on the same area. It will make it paint-ready by softening the surface a bit. Afterwards, remove the wax or grease you applied using a remover. Check the area if it is rust-free and dry, and then you should proceed further with the touch up paint for cars.

2. Making Use Of The Primer And Paint

To ensure your car’s chipped areas do not look different than the entire body, get to know the color code of your car. It comes important when you buy the touch up paint as they all come with particular codes. Pick up the one that says the same color as you have on your vehicle.

One can easily find out the color code by Googling the car model and get to know all the aspects. If you can’t proceed online then check the door jam or where you find the VIN number or the bulkhead and you will find the paint code there.

Once you have got the number, go to your local auto shop or order online for the same paint code. The touch up paints come in several forms; you can pick up the one you feel comfortable painting with. It can be in the form of a pen or a painting brush.

3. Finding the Right Color

Or if you find it confusing to pick up that exact color that matches your car, you can always consult the specialist there.

automotive touch up paint- right ways to do it
You should start with applying a primer (Photo Source: youtube)

Now get to know the main part ‘how to touch up car paint.’ If you see the car’s metal exposed, you should start with applying a primer. Using the paint directly on the metal does not work as it will not stick. Only one thick coat of primer is enough and let it dry. If it is a light break-off then you can skip using primer.

Once you are done with all above-mentioned steps, it is time to use the pain. You can also test the paint on any corner of the vehicle to make sure it reacts well with the color of your car after drying out.

Once it is good to go, take the paint and apply two to three coats when each coat is dried. If you see the painted area a bit raised, make sure you make it smooth by sanding so it matches with the level of the original paint.

Tip: Shake the paint well before use.

4. Finishing Off

Once you have finished learning ‘how to apply touch up paint’ sand it off after 24 hours. Use the sand paper gently so you do not take off all the paint but only the oddness. Maintaining your car is the way to ensure it a long life. Read out the tips here Maintenance Tips.

As the last step, apply the topcoat on the area you have painted and surroundings so it sits evenly. Make sure everything blends well. By the end, you should not see any chipped area and the entire paint should seem plain appreciating your car.

automotive touch up paint- this is how you do it
Make sure everything blends well (Photo Source: youtube)


This is how you should use the automotive touch up paint. It may seem a simple process where all you need to do is paint the surface. Follow all the steps such as applying cleaning the surface, removing the rust, using the primer and paint, and finishing it off with the sand paper and topcoat.  Wait until each layer of the paint dries out completely before you apply the next one.