Audi R8 Maintenance Cost: A Breakdown for the Audi Lovers

An Audi R8 is a supercar, referring to an exotic model that is a high-performance street-legal sports car. A brand new model will knock off $169,900 from your wallet, as a starting price and higher trims are pricier. However, you can score a pre-owned unit at half of that price. Just like any other expensive car, Audi R8 maintenance cost is over the odds, enough to raise the eyebrows of many car owners.

A Breakdown of the Audi R8 Maintenance Cost

Audi R8
The Audi R8 is generally more expensive to maintain compared to average vehicles (Photo:

Comparing the costs, the maintenance of an Audi R8 is as expensive as the maintenance of a Porsche 911. However, the expenses are still less than the upkeep costs of an exotic sports car. The main setback is the repair expenses. Plus, finding a certified R8 mechanic outside of an Audi dealership is quite difficult.

Maintenance schedule

The routine maintenance schedule of R8 is similar to other Audi models, which is a big advantage. Every two years or after 20,000 miles, you have to check the fuel-filler door and lubricate the hood latch and locks. The front axle needs servicing after 120,000 miles or 10 years.

Besides, you should do minor servicing every 10,000 miles. These services may include replacing the windshield wipers or changing the oil. Other than these checkups, the R8 does not require any special attention.

Compared to a regular Toyota, Honda, or Chevy commuter car, the R8 demands much higher regular maintenance expenses. Just changing the oil can cost hundreds of dollars and changing a windshield easily crosses the thousand-dollar threshold.

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Other common costs

Except for the regular servicing, a car may need unexpected maintenance and repair. For example, there could be flat tires, broken rotor pads, and a cracked windshield. The price of these components and labor costs are almost similar to other supercars but way more expensive than mainstream vehicles. For example, changing the R8’s windshield requires approximately $500 more than a Toyota Camry windshield. A tire costs nearly $300 and a whole set of tires will be around $1,500.

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Is It Expensive To Maintain an Audi R8?

Our answer is “Yes”. The Audi R8 is generally more expensive to maintain compared to average vehicles. As a high-performance sports car, it has sophisticated technology, and specialized components, and requires regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Here are some factors that contribute to the higher maintenance costs of the Audi R8:

Parts and labor costs

The Audi R8 features advanced technology and specialized parts that are typically more expensive than those found in regular cars. Additionally, labor costs for servicing and repairs on high-end vehicles like the R8 are often higher due to the expertise required and the complexity of the vehicle.

Dealer servicing

Many Audi R8 owners prefer to have their vehicles serviced at authorized Audi dealerships to ensure the use of genuine parts and the expertise of trained technicians. However, dealership servicing generally comes at a premium compared to independent repair shops.

Performance components

The R8’s performance-oriented nature means that certain components, such as brakes, tires, and suspension parts, may wear out more quickly compared to standard vehicles. These components are often more expensive to replace due to their specialized design and materials.

Fuel and maintenance requirements

The Audi R8 tends to have lower fuel efficiency due to its powerful engines and aerodynamic design. Higher fuel consumption translates to higher ongoing expenses. Additionally, the R8 may require specialized maintenance items such as high-performance tires and specific fluids, which can add to the overall maintenance costs.

However, the Audi R8 maintenance cost is still lower than some other high-performance supercars. For instance, the price of front brake pads of a Porsche 911 Turbo is almost $100 more than that of the R8 while spark plugs cost almost twice as much.

The Bottom Line

Counting all the costs, you may have to spend around $3000 per year on the Audi R8 maintenance. A regular vehicle like a Camry will cost something around $500 to $600 while a big SUV such as the Ford Explorer will keep it under $1000.

audi r8 maintenance cost
R8 maintenance is still less expensive than some other supercars (Photo Source: wallpapercave)

However, the R8 is still economical compared to the more expensive supercars such as Aston Martin Vulcan, Ferrari F60, or Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. You can further cut the expenses by doing some small maintenance stuff like changing the oil by yourself. Also, you can save more by subscribing to the Audi Care or Audi Care Plus scheduled maintenance plan. These plans are less expensive than spending on individual services.