7 Tips To Making Your Test Drive Successful

It doesn’t take so long to book a test drive. It however takes a little bit pragmatism to make a test drive successful. A test drive is your best opportunity to verify whether what is said is really true, about the car.
So, spend that half an hour behind the wheels like a Pro. Remember that those minutes will determine what you are going to be driving for the next few years or so.
We have gathered here 7 invaluable tips to make the most out of a test drive.

1. Make it all within the parking lot.

Most of the times, you turn on or off the engine when the vehicle is in a car parking lot. Thus, you would be better off by having known how it feels at slow speed, when visibility is also a matter. If you can’t maneuver the car smoothly in a dingy spot, which you would have to do on a regular basis, what’s the purpose of eyeing it in the first place?
So, look out for features like parking aid, reverse camera, and parking sensor.

2. Play around with anything and everything.

There is no alternative to getting familiar with all the functions and features of the car beforehand. This will cost you valuable time when you are unaware that turning on or off the high beam is automated. Or there are some buttons on the steering wheel that you could have got rid of.

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3. Make it a family drive.

Remember, you are not the only one to be driving or riding the car. So, it’s a good idea to take your spouse and kids along. See if they are feeling comfortable in terms of space and air conditioning.

4. Don’t be polite to those brakes.

We are not advising you to brake hard amid rush hour traffic. But feel free to try the brakes in different situations. You would want to know for sure if the vehicle skids or stops during one of those high speed close shaves.

5. Try more than one.

It could be that the first car you have taken a test drive with is satisfactory enough. And you have already set up your mind. However, you should be trying out at least two more cars to make sure you are not missing on something better.

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6. Get to know how different engines work.

If you are more of a petrol engine fan, there’s still nothing wrong with trying that diesel variant out. The difference between pick up and power in the two versions may put new insight in you.
Or, your preferred diesel engine may turn out to be a huge lamer for unwanted noises, while the petrol variant could be what you are dreaming of for its smoothness.

7. Let the rivals fight the battle for you.

Though you have decided to go for a Toyota RAV4, make sure you try its close opponent the Honda CRV, as well. There is no way to be sure without taking a test drive whether some extra features will make you rethink. Even if you don’t change your mind, you can always tell your friends why yours is the better one of the two.

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