Here Are 7 Prominent Signs That Your Car Is About to Die

Maintenance is a regular occurrence when you are driving an old or used car. However, you should pay attention when it picks up a new trait, which might be coughing smoke here and making a clanky noise there. These could be the signs that your car is about to die. Be aware of the signs listed below and take precautions before it leaves you helpless in the middle of a road.

7 Signs that Your Car is about to Die

Just like human illness, a car also shows symptoms when facing a problem. To avoid unwanted occurrences, you should be aware of these signs especially when your car is not brand new.

The dashboard lights are on

All the lights on the dashboard are supposed to warn you when something is wrong. The more the lights turn on, the bigger the trouble you are in. So, when the oil pressure or check engine light starts flashing, drive to a repair shop immediately.

car engine failure
Learn to read the lights on the dashboard. They signal troubles! (photo source: Gunter_Nezhoda)

Oil leaking

It’s not good news because oil is the thing that lubricates the engine and keeps it running. Immediate repair is the only solution when you spot a leak. However, if the fluid is coming out of the tailpipe, it could mean that the engine is at a critical stage.

Leaking of other fluids

Not only the engine but also lots of other parts need fluid to stay functional. The transmission, power steering, brake and some other parts need oil and coolant. You should be worried when you are filling them up regularly but one or some parts become empty before time. It’s one of the signs that your car is about to die.

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Trouble starting in cold weather

Many old engines have troubles turning on when the weather is freezing. Sometimes, you may have to try several times before hearing that familiar revving sound. However, in some cases, the engine won’t start at all. Pair it up with a cracked cylinder casing, and it seems like you have to say goodbye to your beloved car.

The knocking sound

It’s so predictable for an old vehicle! There will be a time when the engine starts making this sound and you know that the camshaft is no longer is in sync with the pistons. The repair will be expensive. A practical alternative would be to save money for a new engine.

Signs That Your Car Is About to Die
Smoke could mean that the engine may fail soon. (photo source: Getty Images)

Smoke from the engine

It’s another bad sign for your vehicle. The severity of the problem depends on the color of the smoke. However, you should be prepared to hear that the pipes, radiator, or gasket have leaks or the engine is about to fail soon.

Slipping transmission

Slow response from the auto transmission is another of the notable signs that your car is about to die. When it starts losing gears, you can still drive the vehicle of a few extra miles. But, you will be just delaying the ultimate consequence. The solution is to change the transmission or purchase a new car.