5 Signs of Potential Transmission Issues

Transmissions can malfunction for various reasons. Even if you have been careful with the handling and driving of your car, the gearbox failure is common because it takes a lot of use over the years. Besides, it has a particular lifespan, mostly 10 to 15 years, and is bound to start showing problems. There are some signs of potential transmission issues that will help you identify anything unusual. Besides, you can avoid many expensive repairs if taken action at the right time.

5 Signs of Potential Transmission Issues

If you want to know more about your car and its troubles, look for these signs. These will tell you that something is wrong with the gearbox so that you can stay one step ahead and take it to the repair shop.

Leaking of the fluid

If you spot a small puddle of bright red and sweet or tart smelling liquid under your car, be aware! It’s the transmission fluid and it plays a critical role in controlling the shifting capability of a vehicle.

gearbox failure
A small puddle under the car is a warning sign. (photo source: Instructables)

It can happen for various reasons such as damaged bell housings, loose transmission pan, worn out seals, damaged axles (FWD), and more. If the fluid level runs low because of leakage, it can quickly turn into a major problem.

Lack of response

A delay in response after giving a command through the gearbox is one of the most dangerous signs of potential transmission issues. If shifting gear only revs up the engine but does not draw a quick response from the car, be ready for a worn out clutch or a more serious problem. It’s a grave safety issue too because a delayed response on a busy road or around a curve could be life-threatening.


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You hear weird sounds

There are many car malfunctions that let their presence with sounds but the ones related to transmission are different. An abrupt grinding noise at the time of shifting gear is a warning sign for a manual transmission. The problem could be the result of a worn clutch or a damaged gear synchronizer. On the other hand, an automatic transmission will feel a little bit shaky combined with a whining or buzzing sound while changing the gear.

signs of potential transmission issues
Take professional help to solve the problems. (photo source: Thinkstock

Slipping gear

One of the signs of potential transmission issues that can lead to dangerous accidents is the sliding of the gear. If everything is working fine, your automobile will stay in the gear you choose. However, if this problem happens, the gear stick will automatically pop out and slide to the neutral while you’re driving. It’s a clear evidence of gearbox failure. So, you should immediately have the car examined if you see such a glitch.

The check engine light is on

The light can be on for various reasons, not only for a gearbox issue, but it’s not wise to overlook it. In the latest models, it can indicate a problem that you may not be able to see or feel. Adding a diagnostic scan tool to it will show you which part of the car is causing the trouble.