Bad Habits That Affect the Transmission Life Expectancy

The transmission is the component that helps your car speeding up and down without blowing up the motor. It maximizes the efficiency of the engine and assists in having more control over the driving dynamics. There’s a certain transmission life expectancy, but poor maintenance and bad driving habits can cut short that lifespan.

Things that Affect the Transmission Life Expectancy

Drivers can unwittingly hamper the functionality of a gearbox and destroy it before the expected lifetime. It’s not a debate about automatic vs manual, do these things, and you will find yourself in a servicing center with a failed transmission.

Not Maintaining the Cooling System

Heat is the number one enemy of car transmission. So, if you ignore the cooling system, the repercussion will be a shortened transmission life expectancy. Examine it at least once in every two years. If required, check the coolant level, replace the antifreeze, test the pressure of the radiator cap, and review the thermostat condition. You should also find out if there’s any damage to the belts and hoses or leakage in the system.

car transminssion
Ignoring the cooling system will cut the transmission’s lifespan. (photo source: Cardekho)

Spinning the Wheels When Stuck

Many people do the flooring – which means taking the foot off the brake pedal and applying high pressure on the gas pedal after putting the car in the DRIVE mode – when their vehicle is stuck on the ground. It’s an effective strategy, but it generates a significant amount of heat that overheats the gearbox quickly. Ultimately, there’s a possibility to damage the seals and clutches.

Hauling Extra Weight

Avoid lugging anything if your car is not designed for it. In other cases, never cross the suggested weight limit. Towing something that weighs more than the maximum weight limit triggers high temperature and puts a strain on the car transmission. The clutches of the gearbox will take most of the heat, resulting in worn out components and a sky-high transmission repair cost.

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Low Fluid Level

Regular checking of the transmission fluid level along with the oil change inspection is necessary. It keeps the gearbox components lubricated and cool. When it runs low, and you keep driving without filling it up, you are only truncating the transmission life expectancy. Plus, dirty fluid is equally harmful, so you need to replace when it starts to collect particles and debris. Remember not to use any cheap lubricant because it causes severe damage to both the engine and the gearbox.

Driving without Warming up the Engine

Most of the drivers take off as soon as the engine starts and the car begins to move. It’s a grave mistake since engine components need some time to get properly heated up. Besides, the oil also needs a few minutes to reach the operative temperature. So, if you don’t have the patience to wait for a couple of minutes, be ready to spend money on expensive gearbox repair jobs.

Braking Abruptly

If not necessary, don’t ever push for a hard brake. Many teen drivers do it for fun, but it puts excessive strain on the gearbox parts and leads to their damage by causing overheating.

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The carelessness of the driver is responsible for affecting the transmission life expectancy. Remember that the reasons mentioned above not only abuse the gearbox but also damage other car components too. You can face series consequences such as fuel inefficiency, tire abrasion, or brake malfunction. So, avoid these bad habits and schedule regular maintenance for your car.