5 Signs That An Engine Oil Pump Needs Replacing

The engine of a car depends on many parts to run smoothly. The engine oil pump is one of them. Its primary task is to keep the motor cool and plays a vital role in keeping it functioning properly by circulating the oil to all the bearings and screws. It can be extremely dangerous if that gear suddenly fails while driving.

The Signs an Engine Oil Pump Shows Before Replacing

There are many warning signs to tell you that your oil pump is about to fail. Knowing about them will help you identify the problem before it becomes too serious. Let’s learn about five of the most common signs:

A Drop in Oil Pressure

The pump regulates the pressure as well as keeps the engine parts lubricated by supplying oil to different parts. So, it makes sense that when that machine starts wearing, it cannot dispense oil properly. The result will be a decrease in oil pressure that will eventually lead to frequent stalling of the vehicle.

engine oil pump

Increase in Engine Temperature

Proper lubrication is what reduces the internal friction between different parts, and thereby helps to keep the motor cool. When the pump starts wearing, it cannot grease the components properly. The improper oiling will increase the resistance and the rate of moving parts rub against each other, leading to raking up engine temperature at the time of driving.

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Noisy Hydraulic Lifters

These instruments are not supposed to make any noise at all. The lifters need adequate oiling to function quietly. So, if you hear clanking sound coming from under the hood, it’s better to assume that there’s a problem with the oil supply, i.e., the engine oil pump.

A Loud Valve-Train

The valve-train system can be aptly called as the life force of the engine. It keeps your car running. It consists of many critical components that rely on a proper oil flow to function correctly. A faulty pump does not supply them adequate lubrication, making all the parts quite clamorous.

engine oil pump valve train

Low Sound from the Engine Oil Pump

It’s a rare case but happens nonetheless when the pump is about to fail. Listen carefully to hear if there is any whirring or whining sound is coming from under the hood. It typically happens when the vehicle is idling. It’s a sign of the deterioration of the pump’s internal gears.


You can change oil pump if it starts showing wearing signs. It should last somewhere between 60,000 and 70,000 miles in a properly maintained and regularly serviced vehicle. It’s a DIY task if you know how to replace oil pump but go to an auto repair shop if you are not confident. Remember that ignoring the signs for a long time will result in significant damage to the internal system of your car.