5 Effective Ways to Save Fuel

Running a car is tough on wallets even when the prices of petrol and diesel are stable. Gassing up is expensive, and the burnt oil emits harmful ingredients that contribute to air pollution and global warming. So, saving fuel makes sense, both economically and environmentally. Let’s take a look at some practical ways to save fuel.

Fuel Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Save Fuel

Google “how to improve fuel economy,” and thousands of suggestions will pop up. Unfortunately, most of the methods are useless that have nothing to do with improving your car’s mileage. For example, you’ll get suggestions for filling up the tank in the morning or changing the air filter, which has no effect on fuel-efficiency.
If you want to increase your mpg (miles per gallon) and skip the myths, check out these five ways to save fuel:

Drive Smart during Rush Hours

Getting stuck in a roadblock or traffic jam with your car is annoying because it is time-consuming and consumes more fuel. Every time you stop and start, you need to shift to the first gear and burn a significant amount of oil to move again. What you can do is to travel steadily at a slow speed without idling or pushing the brakes and accelerator frequently.

Don’t Idle

Most of us don’t turn off the engine when we wait at the railroad crossing or pull off the road to talk over the phone. It’s a mistake because restarting an engine doesn’t use more gas than idling for half a minute. So, just shut the motor off if you know that the idling period would be longer than 30 seconds.

ways to save fuel

Get Rid of Unnecessary Weight

It’s one of the easiest ways to save fuel. Many drivers have the habit of collecting items in their trunk, most of which they don’t even need. So, inspect the boot and throw out everything that is unnecessary. Remember that each 200lbs of extra weight cuts one mile off from your expected mpg.

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Help the Vehicle to be Aerodynamic

Manufacturers put a lot of effort to keep the shape of the autos aerodynamic so that they don’t face obstruction from the air moving past. When you drive the car on the highway (presumably at a higher speed than in the town), the drag of the air is likely to be more, which lead to more fuel consumption. Reduce the drag by closing the windows and the sunroof. You can also stow away the roof rack or ski box when you’re not using them.

ways to save fuel

Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

Keep the tires inflated at the level recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The lower the pressure, the more gas the car will burn to move and run. In fact, if a tire is underinflated by 4-5 psi, it can reduce the tread life by 15% and fuel economy by 10% over the long run. So, check the tires regularly, possibly every fortnight, to ensure that they are not under or overinflated.

There are numerous ways to save fuel. However, maintaining the fuel saving tips mentioned above demand no hassle and are free of cost.