10 Ways to Minimize Fuel Consumption

Saving your fuel does not mean you only have to use your car once a month. It can be daily, but wisely. Here are 10 ways to wise ways to minimize your fuel consumption.

  1. Avoid or minimize idling: Idling – that start and not move for a few minutes to warm up the car. For most people this is an unnecessary piece cram work. Not every car needs warming especially when you observe regular servicing or when the car is relatively new. Switching off your off your engine even for a short period saves a whole lot of more fuel than you anticipate.
  2. Drive smoothly: Watch out the number of times you switch off and start the engine. A good scenario is that one morning or evening when you are caught up in traffic jam. It’s easy to stop/start a number of times. Sometimes it’s inevitable but avoid it whenever you can even if it means avoiding travelling during peak hours.

On a busy road maintain a big distance between you and the car that is right before you so that you can       maintain a smooth speed. The reason behind this is that acceleration and frequent repetitive braking wastes fuel.

  1. Minimize your vehicle use: With exception of the regular longer trips up country, minimize your vehicle use especially if you operate within a town or city. Take a walk for all walkable distances. It’s not only good for your health but you will save much in terms of fuel. If it’s a longer journey try to maximize it and accomplish as much as of your errands in one trip as opposed to multiple trips.
  2. Drive in the right gear: Try not to drive in a very low gear or even a much higher gear than you need. Keep it moderate. If you are driving a manual car, change up gears as soon as the car is comfortable with the higher gear but without accelerating harder than necessary.
  3. Mind the use of roof racks and spoilers: The reason behind this in aerodynamics is; having roof racks, spoilers or leaving your windows open increases air resistance and fuel consumption. Take off any of those things if not necessary except if it is inevitable.
  4. Avoid speeding: Every time you step on the accelerator, a lot of fuel is used. There is no need to rush especially if a moderately low speed is not going to make you late. Driving 90 km/h accelerates fuel consumption considerably. Anything above this causes your car to use 25% more fuel than at 90 km/h.
  5. Spare the use of air conditioning: 10% of fuel is used whenever you use air conditioning. Improvise by opening your windows except if you are trying to avoid what we call aerodynamic drag mentioned in 5 above.
  6. Avoid carrying unnecessary weights: Cars travel fast with substantial weight because it helps on their stability but come on! You are not racing for any prize. Avoid carrying unnecessary weights. Your car shouldn’t become a moving ware house. Leave those things home.
  1. Pay attention to your tyres: This is not only good for the lifespan of your tyres but for your fuel as well. Inflate to the highest recommended pressure and make sure you have the right wheel alignment.
  2. Service your car: Maintenance of your car is important. Sick cars often times use much fuel. Get to the service at the right intervals prescribed by the manufacturer and use the right petrol recommended.

Got anything in addition to the above? Proven it works? Add it up here and save your fuel. I hope this will work for you.