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5 Car Problems That Are Not Worth Fixing

Whenever we buy a new car, we expect that nothing will ever go wrong with it if we keep it well. Even if we buy a second-hand car we make sure that you check it thoroughly before purchase. However, one truth about cars remains that not every problem is fixable. You could always work your way around small problems like a bad AC or even jump start a dead battery, but there are some car problems that are not worth fixing. These can range from seemingly simple ones to really complex ones. And, the sad part is that even professionals can’t help you in these cases. The only useful expert advice that you will get in these cases is to buy a new car.

Car Problems that are Not Worth Fixing

These problems, as experts agree, are certainly not worth fixing no matter how many instructional videos say they are.

1. Dead Hybrid Battery

Let’s face it, we do feel proud when we buy a hybrid car because it stands a class apart when it comes to performance. But, if you are not a keeper, these may not behave as well as you may have expected them to. If a hybrid battery has given up, it is only wise to buy a new car rather than invest in replacement. if you do wish to replace it, be prepared to shell out anything from a $1000 to $6000 depending on the model of your car. They cost A LOT! Invest in a new car instead.

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2. Electrical Glitches

Yes, electrical problems may sound very normal at first, but the more modern your car is, the trickier and more expensive it is to fix. In the long run, the problems are most likely to ramify. Ultimately, you will want to get rid of your car. So, it may be a great idea to start looking for a prospective buyer as soon as you diagnose the first electrical glitch symptoms.

3. Blown up Head Gasket

This is one hard and fast rule. When is it not worth repairing a car? When the head gasket is broke.

When the gasket that separates the head of the engine from the block breaks, you are in for a lot of expenditure, so much so, that you’d rather buy a new car.

The reason is that when this gasket gets blown, antifreeze and engine oil mingle together making it the worse amalgam ever. It can cause a cloud of smoke to come out while you drive. When you open the bay, all will seem OK after cooling off, but the problem is going to be a recurrent one. With time, the mileage will drop even below miserable. So, listen to some inside industry advice, and don’t try to fix it.

4. Bent Frame

If your car has faced heavy impact, a bent frame is a likely result. When you are face to face with a bent frame, you might want to buy a new car. Why? Because a bent frame, more often than not, causes harm to the main frame of the car. With that, it is likely that the inner parts are damaged too. Some experts may even set this frame right for you, but it will always depend on the extent of the damage. The more the damage, the lesser the chances that the frame can come back to shape. Anything less than perfect can prove to be hazardous for your safety. Cars are engineered keeping your safety in mind. if the bend is beyond the crumple zone (meant to protect the car in case of heavy impact) a bent frame can compromise that very aim.

5. Bad Transmission

Transmission is as important as the engine is. So, if either goes, your car is likely to give up too. And, changing the transmission is no mean feat by any means, neither is paying for it. The repair of a bad transmission is likely to cost you a fortune as it is and still may not work as efficiently. It is, in fact, one of the major car problems that are not worth fixing.

It is great if you can actually fix some common car problems on your own, but do remember, don’t try to fix any one of these.

  1. Nicodemus achuka says

    This is a really educative page, I thank the management to keep on creating a awareness to the car users as this not only reduces road accidents but also it saves a lot of money to the consumers or car owners. Now my car (Toyota fielder 2004 make) has a problem, when it’s accereleted at high speed it jerks like it skips in a manner that u feel like it’s being pushed by an extra force like trying to jump forward,,though I can’t explain well I hope as experts you’ll understand,, what could be the problem,, is it fixable?

    1. Karis says

      Replace the gearbox.

    2. Titus says

      Use original atf

  2. Mukololo Martin says

    Lovely and good advise

  3. Garikai Vumisai says

    Very informative





  6. Benson Odongo says

    Dear Tsukasa Azuma,
    Thank you for the tips. If the head gasket is blown up, can I overhaul the entire engine then place the engine back? Are there companies in Japan which sell second hand engines? Thank you for your great work. Benson

  7. Simon Fowler says

    Dear Blogger, I find some of the information that you publish is useful but some is really missleading. AND you make many mistakes with your English. I am Simon and I am English so I can help you if you like?? Thanks Simon

  8. davie says

    Irealize most unfixable problems are with modernized cars,unlike the manual gearbox when it elictrical staff..

  9. Stanley Corr says

    Head gaskets are laughably easy to replace and the oil/coolant mix is simple to drain. A new or 2nd hand transmission is almost always cheaper than a new car so it’s better to replace the tranny not the whole car. Electrical faults are simple to find and fix with basic tools and an accurate multimeter on most cars. The time to give up on a car is when the cost of parts is more than the value of a new car – not when you just can’t be bothered to fix something simple…

  10. Titus says

    Use original atf

  11. Homer says

    People change car transmission everyday, what do you mean not worth fixing?

  12. Homer says

    What is this bullcrap. ???. So I should sell my car if my headlamp electrics malfunction!!?? Are crazy

  13. Pierre says

    Mr. Azuma, thank you for your advice. I am sure English is not your first language neither your native language. Some grammar errors are expected, no pressure.

  14. Doesn't matter says

    I think his English is better than the knob criticizing him. Guy can’t even spell misleading.

  15. Brian mwenya says

    Very interesting tips and I trust car from Japan

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