The Complete Comparison Between Probox Van Vs Nissan Vanette

As one of the ultimate choices of people in business as well as merchants, vans are all over the place. And the fame of vans actually brings both advantages and disadvantages. When there are so many options, car owners around the world find it hard to choose the most suitable one. And in dozens of choices, we have two Vans that stand out: Probox Van vs Nissan Vanette. In this article, we will compare two of the best Vans of all time. 

But before that, we need to know what they are first.

Probox Van vs Nissan Vanette: Head-to-Head Comparison

In order to choose the real winner in this car comparison, we need to understand them thoroughly.

The Definition 

Toyota Probox Van

The Toyota Probox Van is a light commercial vehicle with 5-door and 4-seater. It is produced by Toyota, one of the most renowned automobile companies in the Japan and international market as well. 

In July, 2002, the first Toyota went on sale. In the year of 2009, the European sales launched it for the global market at the Paris Motor show. The aim of Toyota mechanics is to design this model as a small station wagon and mainly for commercial use.

Toyota Probox Van
The Probox is a bold look vehicle (Photo Source: Free3D)

In 2014, Toyota redesigned The Probox. They did it with an idea of creating a replacement for the pre-facelift Toyota Succeed. At the first look, both the Interior and exterior are the combinations of enamoring design, along with the vibrant colors. They aim to give it a bold look in the comparison of Probox Van vs Nissan Vanette. Another strongpoint is the spacious and outstanding dashboard in the interior, along with multiple control buttons embedded in the panel.

Nissan Vanette

On the other hand, the Nissan Vanette Van is also a decent cab-over van. In the year of 1978, this car was first produced. The creator of this vehicle is the one and only, the Japanese automobile brand Nissan. And to the world, it is known as Nissan Van or Nissan Sunny Vanette. From the debut day, this automobile was a massive hit.  

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The Features and Specifications

Toyota Probox Van

Talking about features and specifications, there are various factors why Toyota Probox Van line stays famous. Below, we will list out a number of the features you’ll enjoy once you have one Toyota Probox Van:

 The entire van is available in two engines, 1300 cc with two wheel drives and 1500 cc with two wheel drives and four wheel drives. There is an option for gears too; you can either go for manual gear or buy automatic gear transmission Probox. Toyota Probox is a petrol car packed with a DOHC, VVT-I engine which can tolerate a huge load and take you wherever you wish to. In conclusion, it is suitable for a heavy-duty drive. It has Power locks, Braking system, Airbags and automatic gear transmission.

With safety features, Probox Van has two airbags in the dashboard as well as the handwheel. 

Nissan Vanette

As Nissan enthusiasts, we all know the passenger version called Vanette. Nissan planned this version from the beginning and equipped it with many engines. This created the 2WD and 4WD versions. And thanks for this, we have many Nissan options, from automatic, floor, column shift to manual options ready to claim. As time passed by, the Nissan NV200 was out of the list, and later sold as the Vanette Van under a deal called OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  

Researching a bit more into features, car owners can actually have a lot from the Nissan dear vehicle. They provide intelligent keys,rear-view parking, pockets, power windows, ESP and storage spaces. And the best part is, they give you a cup holder. This provides convenience just in case you carry a drink with you. Thanks to all these highlights, drivers can see the quality in the Nissan Vanette make it look appealing.

Nissan Vanette
Comparison Between Probox Van Vs Nissan Vanette (Photo Source: wikimedia)

Along with that, car owners also have one of the best automobile interiors. It contains a spacious dashboard along with multiple control buttons. The carmakers of Nissan also upgrade the transmission for this vehicle: The Nissan Vanette has either 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual, depending on the customer’s needs. Not to mention, the body style got changed compared to the first model. To be more specific, they changed from a two-door truck to five or four doors. 

Fuel Economy

Talking about car comparison, fuel economy is the crucial factor, especially with vans. 

Toyota Probox

The Toyota Probox has amazing fuel economy. In fact, this is the main factor why several car owners drive the Probox Van around the globe. This light commercial automobile has one of the highest fuel economy, which can surely please all drivers. To be more specific, you can use every single fuel drop from a 1496 cc petrol engine. 

Nissan Vanette

When compared to the fuel economy, the Nissan Vanette has the disadvantage. Having one of the best engines, the Nissan Vanette can move fast. And it has considerable fuel economy. However, it is nowhere near the Toyota Probox’s level. 


From the comparison of Probox Van Vs Nissan Vanette, it is clear that both of these cars focus on different customers. To be more specific, Toyota Probox Van focuses on heavy duty drives which can take a big load. Nissan Vanette, on the other hand, is the cup of tea of small traders and businessmen. Along with that, from the appraisal of these Japan Used Cars Toyota Probox Van vs Nissan Vanette, we can comprehend that vendors and little administrators like Vanette. While Toyota is a perfect fit for simple drives since it can take a gigantic weight.